Consumer-Driven Contract Testing With Spring Cloud Contract

The article demonstrates how to write a contract between the producer & the consumer and how to implements the producer & the consumer side test cases for Spring Cloud Contract through an HTTP request between two microservices.

Multi-cloud Spending: 8 Tips To Lower Cost

Mismanagement of multi-cloud expense costs an arm and leg to business and its management has become a major pain point. Here we break down some crucial tips to take some of the management challenges off your plate and help you optimize your cloud spend.

Angular 8 + Spring Boot Microservices and Spring Cloud

Learn to build microservices using Spring Boot and Spring Cloud in this tutorial. We will be using Angular 8, Spring Boot, Spring Zuul, Eureka Cloud, Mysql, Liquibase, Lombok, Gradle, Intellij, NodeJS, Load Balance for implementation. **WHAT YOU...

10 Best Java Microservices Courses With Spring Boot and Spring Cloud

In the Java world, Spring provides several tools and frameworks to develop microservices, like Spring Boot and Spring Cloud, and in this article, I’ll share a few good courses you can use to learn how to develop microservices using the Spring framework.

Guide to Spring Cloud Task: Short-Lived Spring Boot Microservices

Microservices are being developed all around us nowadays. Many of these services are short-lived.