Simple examples that help you get started with Appwrite + Deno

Simple examples that help you get started with Appwrite + Deno

Playground for Deno .Simple examples that help you get started with Appwrite + Deno

Playground for Deno

Simple examples that help you to get started with Appwrite + Deno (= ❤️)

Work in Progress

Appwrite playground for Deno is a simple way to explore the Deno integration with Appwrite SDK. Use the source code to understand how to use the different Appwrite SDK features with Deno.

Get Started

This playground doesn't include any deno best practices but rather intended to show some of the most simple examples and use cases of using the Appwrite API in your deno application.

System Requirements

  • A Linux/Windows system deno installed and path is properly set for deno command execution.
  • You have readily available AppWrite running instance (localhost in most cases).
  • Create a project in AppWrite instance using console.
  • Generate a secret key in the AppWrite instance using console.


  1. Clone this repository.
  2. cd into the repository.
  3. Open the mod.ts file found in the root of the cloned repository.
  4. Copy the project_id, endpoint, secret key from Appwrite Console.
  5. Update project_id, endpoint, secret key by copied from the console in mod.ts file.
  6. Execute the command deno run -A mod.ts
  7. You will see the JSON response in the console.

API Covered in Playground.

  • Create Collection
  • List Collection
  • Add Document
  • List Documents
  • Upload File
  • Create User
  • List User


All code contributions - including those of people having commit access - must go through a pull request and approved by a core developer before being merged. This is to ensure proper review of all the code.

We truly ❤️ pull requests! If you wish to help, you can learn more about how you can contribute to this project in the contribution guide.


For security issues, kindly email us [email protected] instead of posting a public issue in GitHub.

Download Details:

Author: appwrite


Source Code:

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