Role-Based Access Like a Pro

Role-Based Access Like a Pro

Role-Based Access Like a Pro. Role-based access control restricts network access based on a person's role within an organization. Role-based access control (RBAC), also known as role-based security.

Do you ever want to create an App where there is a different kind of users are going to use the app?

Several Questions are must be there in your mind. How are you going to restrict users for a specific action? How you are managing the security of the system in that case? How the hell you are suppose to generate a Token for them.

Today, we are going to talk about how you can create an app that will generate the token for any role and validate that like a pro.


We are going to use Node Js and Express to create an API and then adding role-based access to it. Of course, we will be adding a bunch of libraries to help us out.


We will be creating a banking app backend that will have 3 kinds of users

  • Customer
  • Agent
  • Admin

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