What is Selenium Testing Tool – Definition, Advantages, use cases

What is Selenium Testing Tool – Definition, Advantages, use cases

Selenium is an open source automation testing tool which is used by software companies. Learn what is selenium, How it works, its advantages and limitations.

Selenium is a free, open-source computerization testing suite for web applications across various programs and stages. It is to some degree like HP QuickTest Pro (QTP, presently UFT). Notwithstanding, Selenium centers around robotizing electronic applications. Testing done utilizing the Selenium apparatus is generally alluded to as Selenium testing. Keep in mind, just testing web applications is conceivable with Selenium. You can't utilize it to test work area applications or versatile applications.

What is Selenium?

Selenium is a free mechanization testing set-up of apparatuses utilized for testing just web applications. There is no compelling reason to feel disillusioned because of the way that it just aides in testing web applications on the grounds that different other programming have you covered. There are numerous devices accessible for testing work area and portable applications, like IBM's RFI, HP's QPI, Appium, and so forth In any case, the point of this instructional exercise is to cause you to comprehend the testing of dynamic web applications and why Selenium is the awesome it.

Since Selenium is an open-source device, there is no authorizing cost included, which is a huge advantage over other testing devices. Different purposes for Selenium's consistently developing ubiquity are as per the following:

Test scripts are regularly written in any of these programming dialects: Java, Python, C#, PHP, Ruby, Perl, and .Net.

Tests can be done in any of these working frameworks: Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Tests can be done utilizing any of these programs: Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, or Opera.

It very well may be coordinated with apparatuses, for example, TestNG and JUnit for overseeing experiments and producing reports.

It is incorporated with Maven, Jenkins, and Docker to accomplish nonstop testing.

Presently, we should adapt momentarily about the historical backdrop of the Selenium instrument.

Who created Selenium?

There are various designers who fabricated Selenium as it's anything but a solitary device yet an assortment of a few apparatuses. Jason Huggins, an architect who worked in ThoughtWorks, was quick to understand that the web application that he was chipping away at frequently required testing. This is the point at which he concocted Selenium. He sorted out that it was wasteful to direct manual testing on applications more than once as it occupied a ton of time and exertion. He fabricated a JavaScript program that could handle the activities of the program consequently and called it JavaScriptTestRunner. This instrument was subsequently called Selenium.

History of Selenium

Selenium was the principal apparatus that permitted clients to control a program with the assistance of any language. It permitted experts to mechanize different cycles, however it had a bunch of disadvantages since it was unrealistic to perform mechanization testing on specific things with JavaScript. Additionally, with web applications getting unpredictable, the limitations of the device just began to increment.

Before long, Simon Stewart from Google became weary of the constraints of the Selenium apparatus. He required a testing apparatus that was equipped for speaking with the program straightforwardly, and subsequently, he concocted WebDriver. A couple of years after the fact, Selenium converged with WebDriver. This instrument permitted experts to do computerization testing utilizing a solitary apparatus, which was proficient.

Who utilizes Selenium?

Most software engineers and designers who fabricate site applications and wish to test them from time to time use Selenium. Perhaps the greatest benefit of Selenium that has made it so well known is its adaptability. Any person who makes web projects can utilize Selenium to test the code and applications. Further, experts can troubleshoot and perform visual relapse tests according to the prerequisites of the site or code.

In many associations, it is the work of QA Engineers to test web applications utilizing Selenium. They are needed to compose scripts that can help in amplifying exactness and test inclusion to make changes in the project and keep up the framework of the test.

They are answerable for creating test suites that can distinguish bugs, utilizing which they can illuminate partners about the benchmarks set for the venture. The principle objective of the QA Engineers is to guarantee effectiveness and test inclusion and increment profitability.

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Presently, we should discuss Selenium testing specifically and see where Selenium remains on the lookout.

Watch this Selenium Tutorial

Selenium versus QTP

A correlation dependent on the presentation factor of Selenium with another mainstream robotization testing instrument, QTP, is appeared beneath.

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A Comparison Between Selenium and QTP (Now UFT)

QuickTest Professional (QTP) is a restrictive robotization testing instrument recently possessed by the organization, Mercury Interactive, before it was procured by Hewlett Packard in 2006.

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Selenium Tool Suite has a few advantages over QTP as expounded beneath:

Benefits of Selenium over QTP


Is open-source, i.e., it is allowed to utilize

Is profoundly extensible

Runs tests across various programs

Supports different working frameworks

Supports cell phones

Executes tests while the program is limited

Executes tests in equal

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Is business

Has restricted additional items

Must be utilized in Windows

Supports versatile application test robotization (iOS and Android) utilizing the HP arrangement called HP Mobile Center

Requirements to have the application under test to be noticeable on the work area

Executes just in equal yet utilizing HP Quality Center, which is again a paid item

It is quite obvious from the above examination why Selenium is the most mainstream computerization device. Notwithstanding, there are a few different subtleties in Selenium testing, and you need to comprehend which one is the most material Selenium instrument for your necessities.

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Further, we should examine manual testing and a portion of its hindrances.

What is Manual Testing?

Manual testing is a type of programming testing wherein all experiments are physically executed by analyzers without the assistance of any mechanization instrument. This testing strategy helps in discovering blunders, bugs, and imperfections in web applications. It is a conventional testing technique valuable in distinguishing basic bugs in applications. All new applications should be tried once as well as different occasions prior to being utilized, and that is the reason, until mechanization testing, manual testing procedures were utilized to test the applications.

How about we take a gander at a portion of the challenges and weaknesses looked by experts while performing manual testing, which later prompted the production of mechanization testing apparatuses like Selenium.

Difficulties with Manual Testing

Experts face various difficulties with manual testing. A portion of the significant difficulties looked by them are recorded underneath:

Testing the whole application: Whenever customers give their necessities and the documentation to an analyzer, the analyzer is liable for seeing every one of the prerequisites. If there should arise an occurrence of equivocalness, the analyzer should talk about something very similar with the separate customer to get it cleared. It gets amazingly hard for them to see every one of the necessities, survey it, and afterward construct the individual experiments. Furthermore, in the event that the analyzer don't prevail with regards to making the experiments in like manner, it will be difficult to play out the tests appropriately.

Complete test inclusion: '100% testing' is certifiably not a potential expression in manual testing since there can generally be a blunder. It is as of now hard for architects and engineers to cover the whole application territory while testing to track down the most extreme deformities to improve the application. Thus, finishing a test that covers 100% of the application is preposterous.

Relapse experiment inclusion: After each delivery, applications grow and turn out to be wide to the point that experts think that its hard to stay aware of relapse testing, proceed with the confirmation of new updates, perform tests in the old capacities, track the current deformities, and track the new ones.

Time requirement in test execution: It is hard for analyzers to finish the whole application testing inside the given cutoff time since the timetable is normally close. The way toward testing requires experts to execute the testing interaction as well as blog the imperfections, perform exploratory testing and relapse testing, and that's just the beginning. While the supervisory group may require the analyzers to zero in on finishing the job needing to be done as opposed to the nature of work and test inclusion, it is essential that the analyzers additionally center around the nature of testing so that there are no blunders and bugs.

100% mechanization: It is an assumption that it is feasible to accomplish 100% computerization, which isn't accurate. No analyzer or developer can robotize all the experiments. It is a provoking position to computerize every single imaginable situation.

Relationship with the engineer: It isn't not difficult to simply distinguish the slip-ups and blunders and acquaint them with designers so they can fix them. Altogether, analyzers and designers should have a decent relationship so they can speak with one another and effectively fix the issues in the application. Analyzers ought to be amazingly dad


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