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There are around 80827 front end development service providers in the US. According to Statista, the global developer population is expected to rise to 28.7million by 2024. Don’t you think finding the best front-end development company with such a huge list of options will not be easy? That’s why we came up with this blog to help you understand the goals a proficient front end development services and how to find the one who can provide you with the best digital solutions for your enterprise.

A front end is a very crucial part of any application because it is that part that is visible to the user. The user’s first action depends on the look and feel of your application. It may seem like a web page for you, but a perfect front end is a combination of learning capabilities, adaptiveness, and an analytical approach.

The front end is essential as it connects two vital areas- website design (UI/UX) to the backend (dynamically driven site data). Moreover, it bridges the path between the backend data and how a user feels while reading web page content or taking action. Hence making the technology intuitive and easy to use.

Check the diagram below for a better understanding.

Check the diagram below for a better understanding.

The front end may seem like an easy peasy lemon squeezy for someone. But it consists of technology, trends, development, graphics, design, creativity, and usability. Undoubtedly, we can say that a user-friendly and feature-rich user interface adapted to users’ expectations and need greatly impacts how the potential lead perceives the services or product.

Hence if you want to leverage your application fully, make sure its front end is developed by an experienced and professional front end development company.

Let’s move on to understand how a proficient front end development services can provide you with a robust and user-friendly front end for your application.

What is the significance of front-end development services?

What is the significance of front-end development services?

The front end is an integral part of the web and mobile applications. All the visual elements of a website or app, like buttons, menus, animations, etc., are built by a front-end developer. Many websites are blooming and achieving success in a short time, and credit goes to the talented front-end developers. Front end development services are crucial and relevant in all types of industries, irrespective of their size. With the help of an experienced front end development company, you can create a faster web and mobile app which is easy to navigate and ramps up productivity and user convenience.

Let’s cover the benefits of hiring a front end development company for your business and the goals achieved by them to take your business to its deserving heights.

Advantages of hiring front end development company

Advantages of hiring front end development company

1. Powerful Features & Layout

Front end developers remain up-to-date with the latest frameworks and technologies and thus provide robust features and layout in your application. Based on your business requirements, front end web development company uses the right tech stack in application development. Hence come up with exceptional functionalities in your web and mobile app.

2. High Application Security

Code uniformity is one of the most significant advantages of hiring a front-end developer. The web and mobile apps developed using advanced technologies are less vulnerable to threats. The expert front end developer company offers a highly secure environment.

3. Speedy Development

When you hire an experienced front end developer, they use a specific modern framework which results in faster element creation. They understand your user requirements and come up with digital solutions within your budget and pre-decided time.

4. Fast Responding Features & Structures

We know that everyone likes fast-responding sites. Users love those apps where they can quickly grab information in less time. A systematic application layout created by front end developers leveraging modern technologies allows the app to react, respond and function quickly.

Goals achieved by front end development company

Goals achieved by front end development company

1. Productive Branding

A well-organized and visually attractive GUI (Graphical User Interface) serves as a tool to market your organization. Hence with a unique and user-friendly front end, you can properly convey your products and services to users.

2. Creating an Amazing First Impression

The front end is the first step to attract potential leads, as users spend only a few minutes deciding whether to stay on this website or not. One of the main focuses of front-end developer companies is to create an excellent first impression for your potential leads.

3. Providing Ease of Use

If your app is simple and convenient, users will surely love it. A font end development company always makes sure to provide seamless and intuitive navigation. Moreover, they check that GUI should offer a superior user experience and not be cluttered.

4. Highly Responsive Design

Front end developers focus on achieving highly responsive web and mobile apps. So that the front end should be compatible with any device or operating system. Hence users can browse it easily through devices such as laptops, tablets, PCs, etc.

5. Increased ROI

Developing and designing a great front end involves effort, time, and expense. But with an intuitive and feature-rich front end, you can attract more users and convert them into leads, which results in increased ROI.

We hope you understand the role of a front end development services provider in your app development. Now the question is how to find the right one for your dream project?

How to find a good front end development company for your next project in 2022?

How to find a good front end development company for your next project in 2022?

There are tons of front end developers available in the market, hence finding the best one for your next project is quite tough but not impossible because the market is super positive. We have enlisted two ways to reach out to a good front end development company that will not disappoint you.

1. Network

Use your social network on sites like LinkedIn. Create a post to ask your friends and colleagues for recommendations of the best companies for front end developers. The best part of this method is that everyone will recommend you only tried and trusted front end development services provider.

2. Review Sites

Another best way to find a great front end development company is to check the few review sites and find out which agencies have good reviews. By looking at the reviews and testimonials, you will get social proof of the proficiency of any company.

For example, check the reviews given by one of the clients of eLuminous technologies, a front end development service provider.

Let’s learn more about how eLuminous technologies help develop the feature-rich and user-friendly front end.

eLuminous technologies, a leading front end development company

eLuminous technologies, a leading front end development company

Years of experience- 19+

Front end development experts- 100+

Website developed — 2000+

Global clients- 1000+

Client retention- 95%+

eLuminous technologies has helped numerous big and small organizations by delivering web and mobile applications that are loved by end users. With almost two decades of experience, our expert development team provides top-notch front-end development processes to startups and established businesses. Our experienced and professional developers are experts in delivering interactive front end development services to create scalable, custom, and safe applications. We at eLuminous technologies use cutting-edge tools and frameworks such as Angular, React, Vue JS, Svelte, Ember, and others for front end development.

What can front-endd development company do for you?

ELuminous technologies front end developers are experts at developing feature-rich applications for all users. We are a custom front end development company to build custom applications. We ensure that end-user needs are paramount in the application development processes while adhering to the agile front-end development methodology, coding standards, and programming practices. We are well known as a custom front end development company to develop custom applications from consulting, development, maintenance, and even support.

Let’s see what all front end development services we covered.

Front end Development Services of eLuminous Technologies

Front end Development Services of eLuminous Technologies

eLuminous technologies can scale up and support your current product or offer customized front end development services from scratch. Being one of the best company for front end development, it covers a wide array of front-end development services that include-

1. Custom Front end Web Development Services

We are experts in delivering customized solutions based on your business requirements. Our front end developers use clean code and great usability to achieve expressions and interactivity in your web portals.

2. Single Page Apps Development

We provide single-page application development services with robust front end JavaScript frameworks for high scalability. It will boost performance and enhance UX flexibility in your application.

3. Front end Architecture and Design

Our proficient front end development team, with their expertise in front end architecture, use its processes and tools to provide high code quality and improved app efficiency and stability.

4. UI/UX App Development

With our years of experience in UI/UX app design and development, we create highly scalable, data-driven cross-device customer-facing interfaces adapted for your business needs.

5. HTML5 & CSS Responsive Web Design

The expert front end development team at eLuminous technologies is focused on designing responsive websites with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. We take care that the front-end development consists of fonts, colors, and designs to match perfectly with the businesses’ branding guidelines.

6. Cross Platform Apps

Cross-platform apps are the best way to make your application accessible to potential leads on any device, platform, and browser. We use our expertise in best front end development frameworks in 2022 and develop compelling cross-platform apps with superb usability, functionality, and modern design.

7. Data Migration, Maintenance & Support

Whether you want to resolve post-deployment issues, migrate crucial data, or just need regular maintenance, our front end development services provide you with top-notch solutions.

Our Front-end Development Processes

Our Front-end Development Processes

We generally follow the steps below in developing the front end of any web and mobile application.

1. Define Requirements

The client initiates the front end development process by providing all system requirements. Our team also captures user roles and personas and makes initial technology decisions based on your business needs. Our primary focus is to get better clarity on your goals, and both parties (client and front-end developers) come on the same page.

2. Design Mockups & Wireframe

Based on the information gathered in the first step, we decide on the initial look and feel of the application, model the user journey and experience, and develop a wireframe and mockup design.

3. Prototype Demo and Collect Feedback

After design approval from the client, we provide a prototype demo to help the client get the feel of the application. Client feedback and suggestions are precisely considered and implemented to provide them with the desired application for their business.

4. Development & Deployment

After incorporating all the suggested changes, we start developing your application using the best-suited tech stack. We track quality assurance, deployment updates, and DevOps during each development phase using the best project management tools. Moreover, we provide:

  • Final testing.
  • Final deployment of the source code.
  • UAT training.
  • Launch of application in client’s platform.

5. Support & Maintenance

Our work does not end at application development; we provide support and maintenance even after project completion. We also offer monthly or yearly packages to support and update the application. So, feel free to reach out to our support team any time.

Top Reasons to Choose eLuminous Technologies as your Front end Development Services Partner

There are various reasons why we are a top front end development company. Let’s cover some of them that make us client’s favorite.

Top Reasons to Choose eLuminous Technologies as your Front end Development Services Partner

1. Fast Development

ELuminous technologies’ talented and experienced front end development team has a record of developing an application within the pre-decided time. They select the right tech stack that helps to deliver web and mobile apps to clients quickly.

2. Transparent Communication

We are a client-focused front end development company, keeping client requirements on high priority while developing applications. We provide high transparency in each product development phase and update each step from conception to completion to the client.

3. Flexibility

We also outsource front end developers across the globe. We provide a flexible model wherein you can hire front end developers on an hourly, monthly, or fixed project basis.

4. Focused Strategy

Our front-end development teams delicately work on one project at a time and are highly focused on executing all needed strategies to make it a success. Hence web and mobile apps developed at eLuminous technologies represent the true face of your business.

5. Budget-friendly Customized Solutions

We are experts in customizing your project from your business point of view that too within your budget. We add all the required features to your app and leave no stone unturned to convert potential leads into customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much time does it take to develop the front end of a website?

The time to develop the front end of a website depends on various factors like the complexity of the website, no. of pages needed, features you want to add, etc. But on average, development takes 2 to 6 weeks.

2. Why interactive front-end design is necessary for your business?

Your website is the face of your business, and the front end is that part that interacts with customers on your behalf. Hence it should be appealing enough to attract more and more customers.

3. How much does it cost to hire a front-end developer?

The cost of hiring a front-end developer depends on the complexity and features you want to add to your application. At eluminous technologies, we provide developers at a minimum price of — This cost increases with the increase in the features.

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Top Front end Development Company: Front end Development Services
Hermann  Frami

Hermann Frami


A Simple Wrapper Around Amplify AppSync Simulator

This serverless plugin is a wrapper for amplify-appsync-simulator made for testing AppSync APIs built with serverless-appsync-plugin.


npm install serverless-appsync-simulator
# or
yarn add serverless-appsync-simulator


This plugin relies on your serverless yml file and on the serverless-offline plugin.

  - serverless-dynamodb-local # only if you need dynamodb resolvers and you don't have an external dynamodb
  - serverless-appsync-simulator
  - serverless-offline

Note: Order is important serverless-appsync-simulator must go before serverless-offline

To start the simulator, run the following command:

sls offline start

You should see in the logs something like:

Serverless: AppSync endpoint: http://localhost:20002/graphql
Serverless: GraphiQl: http://localhost:20002


Put options under custom.appsync-simulator in your serverless.yml file

| option | default | description | | ------------------------ | -------------------------- | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | --------- | | apiKey | 0123456789 | When using API_KEY as authentication type, the key to authenticate to the endpoint. | | port | 20002 | AppSync operations port; if using multiple APIs, the value of this option will be used as a starting point, and each other API will have a port of lastPort + 10 (e.g. 20002, 20012, 20022, etc.) | | wsPort | 20003 | AppSync subscriptions port; if using multiple APIs, the value of this option will be used as a starting point, and each other API will have a port of lastPort + 10 (e.g. 20003, 20013, 20023, etc.) | | location | . (base directory) | Location of the lambda functions handlers. | | refMap | {} | A mapping of resource resolutions for the Ref function | | getAttMap | {} | A mapping of resource resolutions for the GetAtt function | | importValueMap | {} | A mapping of resource resolutions for the ImportValue function | | functions | {} | A mapping of external functions for providing invoke url for external fucntions | | dynamoDb.endpoint | http://localhost:8000 | Dynamodb endpoint. Specify it if you're not using serverless-dynamodb-local. Otherwise, port is taken from dynamodb-local conf | | dynamoDb.region | localhost | Dynamodb region. Specify it if you're connecting to a remote Dynamodb intance. | | dynamoDb.accessKeyId | DEFAULT_ACCESS_KEY | AWS Access Key ID to access DynamoDB | | dynamoDb.secretAccessKey | DEFAULT_SECRET | AWS Secret Key to access DynamoDB | | dynamoDb.sessionToken | DEFAULT_ACCESS_TOKEEN | AWS Session Token to access DynamoDB, only if you have temporary security credentials configured on AWS | | dynamoDb.* | | You can add every configuration accepted by DynamoDB SDK | | rds.dbName | | Name of the database | | rds.dbHost | | Database host | | rds.dbDialect | | Database dialect. Possible values (mysql | postgres) | | rds.dbUsername | | Database username | | rds.dbPassword | | Database password | | rds.dbPort | | Database port | | watch | - *.graphql
- *.vtl | Array of glob patterns to watch for hot-reloading. |


    location: '.webpack/service' # use webpack build directory
      endpoint: 'http://my-custom-dynamo:8000'


By default, the simulator will hot-relad when changes to *.graphql or *.vtl files are detected. Changes to *.yml files are not supported (yet? - this is a Serverless Framework limitation). You will need to restart the simulator each time you change yml files.

Hot-reloading relies on watchman. Make sure it is installed on your system.

You can change the files being watched with the watch option, which is then passed to watchman as the match expression.


      - ["match", "handlers/**/*.vtl", "wholename"] # => array is interpreted as the literal match expression
      - "*.graphql"                                 # => string like this is equivalent to `["match", "*.graphql"]`

Or you can opt-out by leaving an empty array or set the option to false

Note: Functions should not require hot-reloading, unless you are using a transpiler or a bundler (such as webpack, babel or typescript), un which case you should delegate hot-reloading to that instead.

Resource CloudFormation functions resolution

This plugin supports some resources resolution from the Ref, Fn::GetAtt and Fn::ImportValue functions in your yaml file. It also supports some other Cfn functions such as Fn::Join, Fb::Sub, etc.

Note: Under the hood, this features relies on the cfn-resolver-lib package. For more info on supported cfn functions, refer to the documentation

Basic usage

You can reference resources in your functions' environment variables (that will be accessible from your lambda functions) or datasource definitions. The plugin will automatically resolve them for you.

      Ref: MyBucket # resolves to `my-bucket-name`

      Type: AWS::DynamoDB::Table
        TableName: myTable
      Type: AWS::S3::Bucket
        BucketName: my-bucket-name

# in your appsync config
    name: dynamosource
        Ref: MyDbTable # resolves to `myTable`

Override (or mock) values

Sometimes, some references cannot be resolved, as they come from an Output from Cloudformation; or you might want to use mocked values in your local environment.

In those cases, you can define (or override) those values using the refMap, getAttMap and importValueMap options.

  • refMap takes a mapping of resource name to value pairs
  • getAttMap takes a mapping of resource name to attribute/values pairs
  • importValueMap takes a mapping of import name to values pairs


      # Override `MyDbTable` resolution from the previous example.
      MyDbTable: 'mock-myTable'
      # define ElasticSearchInstance DomainName
        DomainEndpoint: 'localhost:9200'
      other-service-api-url: ''

# in your appsync config
    name: elasticsource
      # endpoint resolves as 'http://localhost:9200'
          - ''
          - - https://
            - Fn::GetAtt:
                - ElasticSearchInstance
                - DomainEndpoint

Key-value mock notation

In some special cases you will need to use key-value mock nottation. Good example can be case when you need to include serverless stage value (${self:provider.stage}) in the import name.

This notation can be used with all mocks - refMap, getAttMap and importValueMap

      Fn::ImportValue: other-service-api-${self:provider.stage}-url

      - key: other-service-api-${self:provider.stage}-url
        value: ''


This plugin only tries to resolve the following parts of the yml tree:

  • provider.environment
  • functions[*].environment
  • custom.appSync

If you have the need of resolving others, feel free to open an issue and explain your use case.

For now, the supported resources to be automatically resovled by Ref: are:

  • DynamoDb tables
  • S3 Buckets

Feel free to open a PR or an issue to extend them as well.

External functions

When a function is not defined withing the current serverless file you can still call it by providing an invoke url which should point to a REST method. Make sure you specify "get" or "post" for the method. Default is "get", but you probably want "post".

        url: http://localhost:3016/2015-03-31/functions/addUser/invocations
        method: post
        method: post

Supported Resolver types

This plugin supports resolvers implemented by amplify-appsync-simulator, as well as custom resolvers.

From Aws Amplify:

  • NONE

Implemented by this plugin

  • HTTP

Relational Database

Sample VTL for a create mutation

#set( $cols = [] )
#set( $vals = [] )
#foreach( $entry in $ctx.args.input.keySet() )
  #set( $regex = "([a-z])([A-Z]+)")
  #set( $replacement = "$1_$2")
  #set( $toSnake = $entry.replaceAll($regex, $replacement).toLowerCase() )
  #set( $discard = $cols.add("$toSnake") )
  #if( $util.isBoolean($ctx.args.input[$entry]) )
      #if( $ctx.args.input[$entry] )
        #set( $discard = $vals.add("1") )
        #set( $discard = $vals.add("0") )
      #set( $discard = $vals.add("'$ctx.args.input[$entry]'") )
#set( $valStr = $vals.toString().replace("[","(").replace("]",")") )
#set( $colStr = $cols.toString().replace("[","(").replace("]",")") )
#if ( $valStr.substring(0, 1) != '(' )
  #set( $valStr = "($valStr)" )
#if ( $colStr.substring(0, 1) != '(' )
  #set( $colStr = "($colStr)" )
  "version": "2018-05-29",
  "statements":   ["INSERT INTO <name-of-table> $colStr VALUES $valStr", "SELECT * FROM    <name-of-table> ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 1"]

Sample VTL for an update mutation

#set( $update = "" )
#set( $equals = "=" )
#foreach( $entry in $ctx.args.input.keySet() )
  #set( $cur = $ctx.args.input[$entry] )
  #set( $regex = "([a-z])([A-Z]+)")
  #set( $replacement = "$1_$2")
  #set( $toSnake = $entry.replaceAll($regex, $replacement).toLowerCase() )
  #if( $util.isBoolean($cur) )
      #if( $cur )
        #set ( $cur = "1" )
        #set ( $cur = "0" )
  #if ( $util.isNullOrEmpty($update) )
      #set($update = "$toSnake$equals'$cur'" )
      #set($update = "$update,$toSnake$equals'$cur'" )
  "version": "2018-05-29",
  "statements":   ["UPDATE <name-of-table> SET $update WHERE id=$", "SELECT * FROM <name-of-table> WHERE id=$"]

Sample resolver for delete mutation

  "version": "2018-05-29",
  "statements":   ["UPDATE <name-of-table> set deleted_at=NOW() WHERE id=$", "SELECT * FROM <name-of-table> WHERE id=$"]

Sample mutation response VTL with support for handling AWSDateTime

#set ( $index = -1)
#set ( $result = $util.parseJson($ctx.result) )
#set ( $meta = $result.sqlStatementResults[1].columnMetadata)
#foreach ($column in $meta)
    #set ($index = $index + 1)
    #if ( $column["typeName"] == "timestamptz" )
        #set ($time = $result["sqlStatementResults"][1]["records"][0][$index]["stringValue"] )
        #set ( $nowEpochMillis = $util.time.parseFormattedToEpochMilliSeconds("$time.substring(0,19)+0000", "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ssZ") )
        #set ( $isoDateTime = $util.time.epochMilliSecondsToISO8601($nowEpochMillis) )
        $util.qr( $result["sqlStatementResults"][1]["records"][0][$index].put("stringValue", "$isoDateTime") )
#set ( $res = $util.parseJson($util.rds.toJsonString($util.toJson($result)))[1][0] )
#set ( $response = {} )
#foreach($mapKey in $res.keySet())
    #set ( $s = $mapKey.split("_") )
    #set ( $camelCase="" )
    #set ( $isFirst=true )
    #foreach($entry in $s)
        #if ( $isFirst )
          #set ( $first = $entry.substring(0,1) )
          #set ( $first = $entry.substring(0,1).toUpperCase() )
        #set ( $isFirst=false )
        #set ( $stringLength = $entry.length() )
        #set ( $remaining = $entry.substring(1, $stringLength) )
        #set ( $camelCase = "$camelCase$first$remaining" )
    $util.qr( $response.put("$camelCase", $res[$mapKey]) )

Using Variable Map

Variable map support is limited and does not differentiate numbers and strings data types, please inject them directly if needed.

Will be escaped properly: null, true, and false values.

  "version": "2018-05-29",
  "statements":   [
    "UPDATE <name-of-table> set deleted_at=NOW() WHERE id=:ID",
    "SELECT * FROM <name-of-table> WHERE id=:ID and unix_timestamp > $ctx.args.newerThan"
  variableMap: {
    ":ID": $,
##    ":TIMESTAMP": $ctx.args.newerThan -- This will be handled as a string!!!


Author: Serverless-appsync
Source Code: 
License: MIT License

#serverless #sync #graphql 

Olivia Jones

Olivia Jones


Top 10 Front End Development Companies In 2021

Looking for a trustworthy front end development company? Read this blog to know the Top 10 Front End Development Companies in 2021.

For more info read this:

#front end developer #front end development company #hire frontend developer #frontend development company #top front end development companies #hire front-end programmers

Aarna Davis

Aarna Davis


Hire Front-end Developer | Dedicated Front-end Programmers In India

Hire top Indian front end developers for mobile-first, pixel perfect, SEO friendly and highly optimized front end development. We are a 16+ years experienced company offering frontend development services including HTML / CSS development, theme development & headless front end development utilising JS technologies such as Angular, React & Vue.

All our front-end developers are the in-house staff. We don’t let our work to freelancers or outsource to sub-contractors. Also, we have a stringent hiring mechanism to hire the top Indian frontend coders.

For more info visit:

#front end developer #hire frontend developer #front end development company #front end app development #hire front-end programmers #front end application development

Front End Development Best Practices To Follow

This is image title
As someone from a non-tech background, you might not understand the complexities of front-end development. What we see on our mobile screens or PCs is a mere fragment of intricately woven code. But if you are looking forward to developing an application, you would have to dive in and know the scopes found in front-end development with the advent of new technologies, tools, and frameworks.

In this blog, we will help you understand the best practices of Front-end development and the burgeoning trends that would help you ensure the quality development of your digital products. Learn about the future of web development is here.

GUI Development Best Practices: UX And UI

Before you start the development work, it is essential to discuss the user experience and user interface of your product. The front-end of any software is the only thing that interacts with your users. Moreover, it is important that you make incredible contact with your users. It is not just about the smoothness; also about navigation; you have to make things as simple as possible for your users to interact with your product.

User Experience Vs. User Interface

Most people confuse user experience and user interface to be one and the same thing. But they cannot be more wrong. User experience and user interface work together; they are different components of your product’s front end? Here are a few things which they share and that differentiate them.

  1. User Experience
    Starting with UX, it is a term coined by Don Norman, and when he did that, he did not contextualize it to any kind of software product. It was used for multiple disciplines, including marketing, graphical & industrial design, interface, and engineering.
    This is image title
    In software development, it focuses on building user-centric processes that optimize the user interaction with the product. The best practices of delivering a great user experience include; researching customer behavior, understanding the context in which the audience takes action, and creating a systematic vision for the target audience to reach its goal.Use your newfound knowledge to develop an actual graphic design. It needs to be analytical and action-provoking. A good UX designer would always understand the way a user interacts with your product.

  2. User Interface
    User experience helps you define the user interface design. It would include the components that make up the entire experience of the product. Additionally, it includes toggle, background, fonts, animation, and other graphical elements.
    This is image title
    If the user experience is about how the user interacts with your products, the user interface is about giving them the channels to interact with your product. So, the best practices of creating a rewarding user interface are; following brand style guidelines, intuitive design, support for various screen sizes, and effective implementation.

Front-End Development Best Practices: Design To Development

Once you are done with the design part, it is time to dive into development. The process includes turning the graphical assets into a functioning product. There are various approaches that the software community uses, but the most rewarding one is object-driven design and development as it improves the user experience tenfold.

The object-driven approach allows you to design graphical assets that follow the same design and pattern. Also, it allows you to translate the components for faster delivery and a cohesive UX and UI experience across products and platforms.

The design to development process allows you to build interfaces that include layouts, colors, typography, spacing, and more. Front-end development teams are required to work according to the guidelines of the target platform, and they must focus on the UI and UX peculiarities of product development. It is likely that you may face some temporary technical challenges during development and implementation.

It is a trend to automate the front-end development of software with Zeplin or Avocode. The tools ensure access to the updated design, accurate specs and automatically generate the code snippet that allows faster delivery. Learn about the right process of web development here.

  1. Frontend CSS Frameworks
    Depending on the project specification, a software development company would suggest you the right toolsets. The most popular front-end CSS frameworks are Bootstrap, Foundation, Material Design; they are known for increasing the speed of development and come with ready-to-use components that make it easy to replace the manual code and comply with responsive web design standards.

Here is a list of popular front-end development technologies

  • React
  • Angular
  • Vue.JS
  • Knockout and Backbone

Continue Reading

#front end web development #how to learn front end development #how to master front end development #how to practice front end development #is front end development easy

Top 10 Professional Angular JS App Development Companies

Now, the digital world needs to develop apps with interactive & high-level functionalities. When it comes to developing a dynamic single-page app, AngularJS is the most successful & famous front-end framework. Besides building interactive apps, it can develop any kind of web apps.

Searching for the AngularJS development company is not difficult, but picking the best one, which carries out business on a specific requirement & value is quite a difficult task.

Accordingly, I have compiled a list of the top 10 professional AngularJS development companies, known for their distinct range of AngularJS development services.

1. AppClues Infotech

AppClues Infotech is a leading AngularJS development company in USA & India that offers the best quality dynamic apps for clients. They work on the overall perseverance, diligence & enthusiasm of the experienced app developers. It offers the complete web & mobile app development service to excellence. Its highly experienced Angular developers can deliver the promises of expertise, quality, and intellectual capital and develop apps that meet the client’s expectations.

· Founded - 2014

· Avg. Hourly rate – $15 to $25

· Employees - 100 – 250

2. Angular Minds

This leading web app development company has created several innovative web apps based on front-end technologies like AngularJS & NodeJS. With the help of well-experienced Angular developers, the company leads app development in an optimized way. Its developers are passionate to provide excellent web, mobile & cloud solutions to clients worldwide embracing next-generation technologies that can meet customer’s requirements with the most positive trends.

· Founded - 2011

· Avg. Hourly rate - $25 to $50

· Employees - 50 – 100

3. Clarion Technologies

Clarion Technologies is an outstanding company to carry out your development with the best technology platforms. It is the most reliable & cost-effective web & mobile app development company for SMEs. With skillful developers, Clarion has delivered complex web apps for different sectors using advanced frameworks like AngularJS & NodeJS

· Founded - 2000

· Avg. Hourly rate - $25 to $50

· Employees - 250-500

4. Fugenx

Fugenx is one of the leading mobile app & game development company. By a distinct array of mobile app development solutions, its programmers gained extensive expertise in Android, iOS & web app development. It aims to deliver the most reliable services to the clients with an expert team of designers, programmers & testers who perform their best to meet the client’s requirements.

· Founded - 2008

· Avg. Hourly rate - $25 - $50

· Employees - 250-750

5. IndiaNic

IndiaNic is one of the top AngularJS development company and has been well-known for developing advanced AngularJS solutions for enterprises with advanced front-end needs. With the knowledge and experience of using AngularJS in various elements of front-end development, its Angular developers help businesses gain the required control and scalability with app development services.

· Founded - 1998

· Avg. Hourly rate - $20 to $40

· Employees - 250-750

6. Algoworks

The expertise of Algoworks lies in handling app development challenges. It aims to utilize all the excellent features of AngularJS and make the apps agile friendly and dynamic. Its AngularJS developers & programmers are highly skilled in all advanced web technologies & frameworks. Moreover, its transparent business processes support that each project is delivered on time.

· Founded - 2006

· Avg. Hourly rate - $25 to $50

· Employees - 50 – 250

7. Codiant

Codiant offers the best-customized solutions for web & mobile app development. It delivers premium angular-powered solutions for a wide range of businesses. The company brings together the most skilled Angular developers, quality assurance engineers, web designers, and business analysts in one place to make sure their clients acquire everything in one place.

· Founded - 2010

· Avg. Hourly rate - $20 to $50

· Employees - 250 – 750

8. Noto Solutions

With the extremely skilled & expert development team, Noto Solutions delivers the best in class AngularJS app development. This professional angular development company focuses primarily on fulfilling customer needs. With widely experienced developers, the company provides fascinating results for the entire development. It will provide you a precise solution to build your web apps in an extremely short period.

· Founded - 2007

· Avg. Hourly rate - $25 to $50

· Employees - 50 – 250

09. WeblineIndia

The specialists at WeblineIndia carry the web-proven Angular-powered solutions. With vast experience, the Angular developers easily understand the clients’ requirements and strive to reap the maximum benefits provided by the AngularJS framework. The company promises top-notch web app development to cater to the clients’ business specifications when providing customized solutions with its AngularJS experts.

· Founded - 1999

· Avg. Hourly rate - $15 to $30

· Employees - 50 – 250

10. Mind Inventory

When it comes to web & mobile app solutions, Mind Inventory offers a top-notch solution with innovative & advanced technologies. It additionally offers other emerging technology services like AR, Wearable & IoT app development.

· Founded - 2011

· Avg. Hourly rate - $25 to $50

· Employees - 50 – 250

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