Analyse Your Health with Python and Apple Health

Analyse Your Health with Python and Apple Health

Tired of learning data science with iris flowers and maritime disasters? Let’s give your health data a try. In this article, we are going to download and explore our own health records.

Right now, it feels somewhat pointless to describe the impact of mobile phones on our lives. No matter where we are, our inseparable companions allow us to make phone calls, write messages, browse de internet, play games and so on. The list of possibilities is endless and grows every day. Another important aspect is the fact that they come with a wide array of hardware sensors (e.g. GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope) that, in conjunction with the software, track almost every aspect of our lives. Besides, their data collection capability expands even further with the arrival of the wearables. If you are an Apple user, you probably know about Apple Health. It is an iOS feature that monitors and organizes health-related data. It consolidates data gathered by the Apple ecosystem and third-party devices and apps. Depending on your specific setup, it may offer valuable insights on your physical activity, body measurements, sleep habits, heart rate, hearing, nutrition, blood glucose or even menstrual cycle, to give a few examples. While some metrics are simple such as the number of steps, others are more elaborated as the ratios of double-support time or asymmetry while we walk.

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