T-SQL Training using Real World Scenarios:Tricks of the Trade | Simpliv

T-SQL Training using Real World Scenarios:Tricks of the Trade | Simpliv

T-SQL Training using Real World Scenarios:Tricks of the Trade

Description This online T-SQL video training course on Microsoft SQL Server Technology includes a lot of real world scenario which i learnt in my professional work. I have covered the course contents with the real life situation example for every topic.

Real Life situations are as follow

How to view the structure of a table How to create your own shortcuts in SSMS Dropping multiple tables in one go having a fixed pattern Guidelines while performing DML Operations How to create Solution File in SSMS and what is the need for it How to insert a row with old identity value which was deleted How to reset table identity How to delete duplicate records from a table How to select only duplicate records from a table How to produce Date Dimension using Recursive CTE Query How to Merge New Changes to an Existing Table What are the advantages of Stored Procedure BEGIN AND COMMIT TRANSACTION IS NOT SUFFICIENT How to produce running totals or cumulative totals using sql server query How to compare current year sales with the previous year sales How to compare current year sales since the start of the business year sales How to switch between different SQL Servers within a query window in SSMS How to use a single sql script file for different SQL Servers Reducing Roundtrips using Table Valued Stored Procedure Pagination in SQL Server using OFFSET-FETCH BEGIN AND COMMIT TRANSACTION IS NOT SUFFICIENT Relevance of Batch in SQL Server How to create and store customized errors Guidelines of writing a Stored Procedure Following are the major topics covered

Deep dive into Window Functions Ranking Functions - (Rank, Dense_Rank Row_Number, NTile ) Aggregate Functions - (Sum,Min,Max,Avg,Count) Analytical Functions-(Lead , Lag, First_Value, Last_Value) Stored Procedures Input Parameters Output Parameters Default Parameters Return Table Valued Parameters Common Table Expressions Recursive Common Table Expressions Synonyms Identity Columns Transactions Raiserror/Throw Error Handling (Try….Catch) Basic knowledge Elementary knowledege of Transact SQL is needed like SSMS,Database Tables, Select , Join , Group By Commands ,Primary Key, Foreign Key What will you learn Participant's knowledge will be deepened to handle real life situations in T-SQL Please watch the course description to see more details To continue:

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