Django and Stripe subscriptions 

Django and Stripe subscriptions 

So you want to build a membership site or charge for your digital product/downloads and don’t know what tool to use? Use Django.

So you want to build a membership site or charge for your digital product/downloads and don’t know what tool to use? Use Django.

You can, of course, use Wordpress and one of the many e-commerce plugins, but many of them require payment of an annual or monthly fees. Sure they might be easier and faster but why spend when you can build your own?

Building it with Python and Django is free, except payment for the VPS hosting the site and perhaps a small fee for the payment integrator (which you would also pay going with Wordpress).

Given that, let’s learn how we can build our membership site and start selling our digital (or even physical) products.

1) Starting our Django project

I assume that you know how to install Python and Django and have already experience with both, the focus is not on a step by step tutorial for installation.

So let’s begin…

We start our project with the classic Django project start:

django-admin startproject cloudhomelab

We navigate to our home directory (were is located) and we run our project with:

python runserver

And if all went successfully we can open our browser on:

We should see the Django default page:

Image for post

Image for post

Django default webpage

If using PyCharm we can also create a run configuration like this:

Image for post

Image for post

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