Supercharge Python’s Requests with Async IO & HTTPX

Supercharge Python’s Requests with Async IO & HTTPX

Async IO can be used to speed up programs with many HTTP requests. I will show you how you can use Async IO & HTTPX to do just that.

If you have some experience with Python, chances are good that you have used the Requests library at some point. It is a wonderful library for making HTTP requests and interacting with APIs.

The advantage of Requests is that it’s simple and syntactically sweet. The disadvantage is that it currently doesn’t work with Async IO — which can be really slow if you are dealing with many HTTP requests.

HTTPX is a new HTTP client with async support. It is very similar to Requests. In this tutorial, I will create a program with requests, give you an introduction to Async IO, and finally use Async IO & HTTPX to make the program much faster.

This tutorial assumes you have used Python’s Request library before.

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