Exploratory Analysis on Genshin Impact Characters with Pandas & Seaborn

Exploratory Analysis on Genshin Impact Characters with Pandas & Seaborn

In this post, we'll exploratory analysis on genshin impact characters with pandas & seaborn

The windblume festival is coming to an end. It’s been a while since our Traveler first came to Teyvat. With Genshin Impact revenue just exceeded $1 billion this march, so much also had happened during our time exploring Mondstadt and journeying to Liyue. From rescuing Dvalin, protecting the Jade Chamber, helping Ella Musk practice Hilicurlian, paying tribute to the Adeptus, to ‘taking care’ of Timmie’s birds... you name it.

With as many as 30 _playable (uhm, gacha-able) _characters and its ever expanding world, we sure have a lot to cover. The depth of combat system and the numerous stats of the characters have also given rise to community of streamers to showcase on how to best play each character, usually followed by debates on which one(s) can give highest damage output.

This article aims to contribute to similar discourse by taking a slightly different angle, that is: are characters coming from most recent region (Liyue) likely, objectively stronger? It’s an interesting question as Mihoyo has the tendency to introduce OP’d characters (and sometimes allegedly nerfed them, but not true) and since we’re seeing multiple new characters from Liyue.

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