Artificial Intelligence Drives the Archaeological Discoveries of Stone Age

Artificial Intelligence Drives the Archaeological Discoveries of Stone Age

The subsets of artificial intelligence such as machine learning model and neural networks are contributing to the archaeological discoveries of the Stone Age.

Machine learning model and Neural Networks helps in extracting archaic information about human civilization.

Archaeology is the gateway to our past. It describes events which shaped the world how it is today and the transition that led humans from animal-hunter to a knowledgeable-mosaic. In archaeology, Stone Age holds the key relevance. It establishes the patterns of human behavior and helps in identifying the transitions that hurled humans to the path of development. It was also the era which disembarked human’s acquaintance with tools to sustain their living. Stone Age displayed the creative and clever aspect of human civilization.

Over the years, researchers and scientists are keen to discover the incidents of the Stone Age, which led to the expansion of human civilization. They are inquisitive to learn and discover about how civilizations travel from one place to other and resettled themselves. In a traditional research setting, the information retrieved from many sources is not sufficient to arrive at a substantive conclusion. Henceforth, researchers and scientists are leveraging machine learning model to determine their archaeological findings.

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