Tetris in Blazor Part 2: Cells, the Grid, and the Game State

Tetris in Blazor Part 2: Cells, the Grid, and the Game State

Let's start the process of making Tetris in Blazor by building the C# classes for the grid, the cells, and the game state. Tetris in Blazor Part 2: Cells, the Grid, and the Game State

With our logical model we worked out in  the first part of this series, we can begin to construct the C## model for our Tetris demo. Let's begin coding up our Tetris in Blazor demo by creating classes for the cells, the grid, and the game state.

This is part of our ultimate goal. We've still got a ways to go. Don't give up!

The Sample Project

Don't forget to check out the entire BlazorGames repository over on GitHub! All the code used in this series is there.


The smallest unit we can break our Tetris model into is a cell, or a single spot on the game grid.

Each of these little blocks is an individual cell

At the most basic, a cell is either filled or not filled, occupied or not occupied. A cell must also have a position, or coordinate, in the larger grid (so that no two cells have the same coordinates).

There's one small trick we must also account for: since cells can be filled by different colors (each tetromino is a different color) each cell must also have its own CSS class.

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