Integration of Postman with CI/CD tool- CircleCI

Integration of Postman with CI/CD tool- CircleCI

In this tutorial, we will show you the integration of Postman with CI/CD tool- CircleCI. To integrate the postman collection with CircleCI, we need to create the config file in YAML. Before that, we have to export the postman collection from Postman and saved in your repository.

CircleCI is a modern continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform. The CircleCI Enterprise solution is installable inside your private cloud or data center and is free to try for a limited time. CircleCI automates the build, test, and deployment of Software. From this above diagram, we came to know that after the test/code on GitHub is authorized and added as a project to, every code change triggers automated tests in a clean container or VM. 

  • CircleCI runs each job in a separate container or VM. That is, each time your job runs CircleCI spins up a container or VM to run the job in.
  • So circleci job is basically the config file, we have to set the config file for each job.

This Config file of circle CI is in Yaml and these are the headers we need to build the config file.

  • Version(CircleCi version of configuration key)
  • orbs (orbs are open-source and help you integrate with your software and services stack quickly and easily )
  • commands (It defines a sequence of steps as a map to be executed in a job, enabling you to reuse a single command definition across multiple jobs.)
  • parameters (parameters declared for use in the configuration)
  • executors (Executors define the environment in which the steps of a job will be run, allowing you to reuse a single executor definition across multiple jobs.)
  • jobs(Jobs are collections of steps. All of the steps in the job are executed in a single unit, either within a fresh container or VM.)


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