How Mobile Apps are Transforming the Travel and Tourism Industry

Create a tourism app for your travel agency and serve ease for your customers. It will influence your customers in a positive way which will help your agency to gain more trust and get more referrals.

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How Mobile Apps are Transforming the Travel and Tourism Industry

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How much does it cost to develop a travel app?

Isn’t it awesome to possess an app who can guide about travel whenever you would like a vacation, why don’t you only create your traveling app and it is often an excellent business idea too.

There are many sorts of travel mobile apps out there, most of which are actively helping us in our travels, whether we all know it or not. Here are some samples of the essential mobile apps for the tourism industry that we use for traveling.

Best Travel Apps-

  • For planning a visit – Tripadvisor, TripCase, TripIt and more
  • For making hotel/flight/train bookings – MakeMyTrip, OYO rooms, Goibibo, Clear Tip, etc.
  • For location tracking – Google Maps, Tinder, Waze and more
  • When visiting a special language speaking region – Google Translate
  • For booking cabs/bikes – OLA, Uber, etc.

Then some apps cover these services into one app. Your mobile has everything that you’ll ever need on your trip, regardless of which country you’re visiting. Travel apps assist you to recover control over your journey and make it as comfortable as possible.

If you’re looking to make your travel mobile app, for private or monetary purposes, here you’ll find everything you would like to urge started and develop an exquisite mobile travel application.

Adding The Travel App Features

Features are what make your travel app better (or worse) than your competitors within the same industry. There are already many mobile tourism apps out there and unless you’re making a singular application, you would like to incorporate some or all of the subsequent tourist app features to your app.

  • Travel planning features
  • Travel journal feature
  • Navigation and Map
  • In-app booking feature
  • Reviews & recommendations
  • Local area information
  • The weather outlook
  • Local helpline and emergency numbers

Some other features a travel application can have are – dedicated user account, filters, search facility, currency converter, social integration, world clock, itinerary generator, washroom finder, Wi-Fi finder, dating & networking, events listing and booking, etc.

Your app may or might not contain these features, counting on its core purpose. However, you ought to a minimum of include the essential things like maps and a blog when building a mobile app for an agency.

Benefits Of A Travel Mobile App

Still unsure why you would like a mobile app for your travel business or website? Here are some points to assist you understand the advantages of a tourism app.

  • Instant availability
  • Location tracking
  • All-in-one collaboration
  • A dedicated platform
  • Better looking and more sophisticated
  • Make Money

There are many other things like easy updates, easy to market, authorized (on Play Store or App Store), digital payment systems, integration with local apps and businesses, better content quality, and more.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop Travel App?

Now, let’s come to the ultimate point. what proportion will it cost you to develop a mobile app for a travel agency? If an equivalent question is troubling your mind also, here’s the solution.

The cost of developing a agency mobile app will depend upon several things, including those mentioned below.

Whether you’re developing it yourself or outsourcing the work to a travel app development company.

  • The platform – Android or iOS or the other mobile OS
  • Number and extent of features you would like in your app
  • The approximate time once you want to plug (launch) the app.
  • The number of individuals performing on the project.
  • Whether you’re employing a free or paid theme.

Overall, the typical cost of getting a mobile travel application developed by a knowledgeable app development company may range from $5,000 to $50,000, counting on the items mentioned above.

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Autumn  Blick

Autumn Blick


How To Succeed In Mobile App Wireframe Design?

In the world of overrated terms “web development”, a mobile app wireframe design is one of the most underrated terms. The design of wireframes is considered when people look for the bigger picture.

While designing the UI-UX, people forget the simple norm of general to specific shifting. As the complexity increases and so does the approach become more difficult, this is where the designing of the wireframes comes in handy.

Before diving into the “How to”, let’s first see why we need them in the first place.

What are mobile app wireframes?

Wireframes are the skeletal layouts of an application or a website that is being designed. The specificity comes into play, the elements and the features have to be placed at specific locations. Take a building, in the process of making it, first the foundation is laid and then pieces are fitted together from the skeleton structure on a piece of paper, wireframes do the same for the website or application structure such as a smart home application.

The designing of wireframes is commonly known as wireframing. For the construction of a building, the framework or the skeletal structure is important while designing a web application or mobile application, wireframing is important to make it user-friendly. This entirely and solely works to make the journey smooth and destination easy to reach.

As for the building, the layers of cementing and painting is done later to increase the visual appeal, the visual contents and appealing stuff are added after wireframing. The simpler it sounds after the definition, the complex it gets when it is being done.

It is a very goal-oriented procedure, one has to keep in mind is the goal of the product or the destination of the service. The main focus should be on UX. The arrangement of the elements and their interaction with each other and with the user is the utmost important task in mobile app wireframing.

What not to do while designing the mobile app wireframe?

  • Do not even think of skipping the process.
  • Do not beautify (visually appealing designs added first) and then get into the wireframing business).
  • Do not do it just for the sake of doing it.

One has to keep in mind that skipping this entirely can lead to the failure of the entire process of web and mobile app development at the end.

Again taking the example of the construction of a building, the foundation must be laid first based on the skeletal framework that has been prepared, then only you can jump to beautify your building, as a designer one has to understand and follow the steps where designing the mobile app wireframe comes first and then the visually appealing content is added next not the other way round.

For the most part, people do not understand the importance and come up with some trashy design of wireframes and the main foundation becomes faulty, hence the entire designing at later stages becomes faulty. If one wants to skip the reworking part, mobile app wireframing must never be ignored.

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Jones Brianna

Jones Brianna


List Of The Top Pittsburgh Mobile App Development Companies
Let’s look at the list of top list of the top Pittsburgh mobile app development companies which are known for providing top-notch services globally. They are great developers who provide quality services for all your needs.

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Carmen  Grimes

Carmen Grimes


Travel App Development: Cost & Features of Mobile App for Travel Agency

Travel industry is no exception to digital revolution. The concept of travel agency app development has gained traction after studying about changed preferences and behavioural pattern of travellers. Travel app development is one-stop solution for agencies that allows prospective travellers to plan several activities through pocket sized device.

Desirable Features of Custom Mobile App Development for Travel Portal

Now that travel agencies are investing money on travel app development, it’s important to know what features should be included in it for deriving maximum returns. Following is the list of features that mobile app for travel agency should ideally possess:

  1. Automatic Travel Itinerary Generator

As per the recent report from leading travel companies across the world, it is observed that people prefer to plan their trips independently over readymade itineraries offered by travel agencies.

“60% of leisure and 41% of business travellers use the Internet to make their own travel arrangement.”

— Data Source: Amadeus

Observing this trend, travel agencies are now coming up specific requirement of offering users with an ‘automatic itinerary generator’ as a feature of travel mobile app. Based on the detail of ‘location’ entered by the user, itinerary generator prepares travel plan for desired number of days including details of sightseeing places to visit and activities to be done.

2. Weather Forecast, Offline Site Map and Navigation

Weather Forecast, Offline Site Map and Navigation

Courtesy: Aruba

For travellers, knowing about climatic conditions at the destination is of prime importance. Mobile app for travel agency should give enough information to users on day and night temperature of a particular place. Travel app that allows to enter customized dates for getting weather information are preferred by users as it allows them to plan future trips.

Maps and navigation are travellers’ best friends as it allows them to explore the place to the fullest. If your travel mobile app development strategy includes functionality of offline maps and navigation, travellers need not download and use third party apps for the same.

Travel Booking App Development

Just enter the place you wish to go in the ‘map’ and use navigation to reach the destination in shortest possible time. Offline map and navigation functionality has significance, especially in travel mobile apps, considering weak cellular networks and internet connection in remote locations.

3. Travel Booking App Development

Online booking is the need of the hour. If mobile app for travel agency doesn’t allow for flight and hotel booking online, it fails to serve the purpose of users. Let’s take a look at following statistics to know about online booking trend and inclination of users to it:

“Almost 40% of all travel bookings are made online.”

— Data Source: Rezdy

The aim of travel agency behind developing a mobile app is to provide ‘A to Z’ details to travellers and facilitate them with all options related to trip plans. When your app has in-built functionality that enables users to make reservations for hotel accommodation and flight ticket booking, they would not get redirected to other online booking apps.

“Tour and travel agency tend to get 30 to 40% more bookings after implementing an online booking system.”

— Data Source: TrekkSoft, 2016

4. In-Built Currency Convertor and Translator

Travel app development plan should include features of ‘currency convertor’ and ‘language translator’. These features are important from user’s point of view when they are going for international trips. For example, when the traveller is out for shopping, he can instantly use currency convertor to know the accurate cost of item and make decision of whether to make the purchase.

Similarly, language translator is of great significance in international trips to understand the language of local people and interact with them. When travel agencies incorporate such user-oriented features in app, the usability of travel mobile app drastically improves.

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