Shayne  Bayer

Shayne Bayer


A Deep Journey into Super-resolution

A comprehensive analysis of Super-resolution Convolution Neural Networks to benchmark Single Image Super-resolution

#high-resolution #super-resolution #convolution-neural-net #generative-adversarial #deep-learning #programming

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A Deep Journey into Super-resolution
Shayne  Bayer

Shayne Bayer


A Deep Journey into Super-resolution

A comprehensive analysis of Super-resolution Convolution Neural Networks to benchmark Single Image Super-resolution

#high-resolution #super-resolution #convolution-neural-net #generative-adversarial #deep-learning #programming

Starting With Super Resolution

In this article, I will summarize my short experience with Super-Resolution task based on the PASCAL-VOC 2007 data set. During this session, I have tried several different models for super resolution of images from size of 72723 to 1441443 and to 2882883.

First thing needed for this task is getting the data set, I used the Kaggle

preloaded data set.

Because I trained different models and had a lot of data, for this entire work I used data generator for loading the images and for resizing them.

Data generator for loading images

import cv2
import os

image_dir = '../input/pascal-voc-2007/voctrainval_06-nov-2007/VOCdevkit/VOC2007/JPEGImages'
def load_images_iter(amount = 64,start_pos = 0, end_pos = 5011):
  ans = []
  all_im = os.listdir(image_dir)
  print (len(all_im))
  while (True):
    for idx,img_path in enumerate(all_im[start_pos:end_pos]):
      if (len(ans) !=0 and len(ans)%amount == 0):
        ret = ans
        ans = []
        yield ret

The sort function here isn’t mandatory. I used it because I use the generators not only for training and validating the model but also for looking at the model results. Therefore, I need to make sure I look at the same pictures all the time, So the sort function guarantees that.

I’ve created several different generators for the different uses. here is an example of a generator for the training set (the data was split that first 1000 pictures are for validation and the rest for training).

For resizing the images I used CV2 resize function.

Data Generator for Train

the generator returns a tuple, the first value is the train and the second value is another tuple of the output21 and output 2 expected results.

def train_generator_2(batch=64, tar1_size=144, tar2_size=288 , train_size=72):
  collect_train = []
  collect_target_1 = []
  collect_target_2 = []
  while True:
      file_gen = load_images_iter(amount=batch, start_pos = 
                          1000)#first 1000 images are for validation
      imgs = []
      while (True):
          imgs = next(file_gen)
        for idx,img in enumerate(imgs): 
          if (len(collect_train)!=0 and
                  len(collect_train)%batch == 0):
            ans_train = np.asarray(collect_train,dtype=np.float)
            ans_target_1 = 
            ans_target_2 = 
            collect_train = []
            collect_target_1 = []
            collect_target_2 = []
            yield (ans_train, (ans_target_1,ans_target_2))

As with any machine learning and deep learning jobs, I started with some data exploration.

We have 5011 different pictures with different sizes. The Pictures have no common motive between them, or any noticeable similarity . Here are some sample pictures In different sizes:

Image for post

For all the models in this assignment I used MSE as the loss function and PSNR as the metric.

The model’s loss was combined from the 2 outputs loss evenly. And each output had its own PSNR metric.

from keras import backend as K
import math

def PSNR(y_true, y_pred):
    max_pixel = 1.0
    return 10.0 * (1.0 / math.log(10)) * K.log((max_pixel ** 2) / (K.mean(K.square(y_pred - y_true))))

First Model

So the first model I’ll discuss is a basic model with 2 outputs for 2 different size images (1441443, 2882883).

Image for post

First Model Structure

From this structure, we can see that in order to get the required size we need to keep the original input height and width dimensions. So for the convolutional layers, I used padding.

inp = Input((72,72,3))
x = Conv2D(64,(3,3), activation = 'relu', padding = 'same')(inp)
x = Conv2D(64,(3,3), activation = 'relu', padding = 'same')(x)
x = UpSampling2D(size=(2,2))(x)
x = Conv2D(3,(1,1), activation = 'relu', padding = 'same')(x)

model1 = Model(inputs = inp ,outputs = x)

Image for post

First Model Loss

This model is pretty simple thus starts to converge pretty quickly as can be seen in the graph.

So In first sight, it seems we get pretty good results from the loss function but if we will take an actual look at the images they tell a different story.

In the picture below:

The 2 images on the right are the images downsized to sizes 144144, and 288288.

The 2 images on the left are the model predictions with respective sizes.

Image for post

Image for post

Downsized Images VS First Model Predictions

We can see here that although the loss is good we still actually get pretty bad results.

Image for post
First Model PSNR Graph

If we take a look at the PSNR graph we see it converges around the 21 which apparently isn’t such a good result. Also, we need to keep in mind that high PSNR doesn’t assure an image that looks good to the human eye, this is only an auxiliary metric to help us understand a little bit better how good or bad is the model.

Second Model

In this model, I tried to residual blocks instead of the convolutional layers.

Image for post

Model Structure

This model structure added more parameters to our model, so maybe it will help us improve the results we get.

Image for post

Second Model Loss & PSNR graphs

Here we can see that we get convergence after 2 epochs just as before, the loss is a tiny bit better and also the PSNR. But will this mean we also have better images?

#deep-learning #super-resolution #deep learning

Super Affiliate System Review - Recommended or Not?

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What is the Super Affiliate System?

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The Super Affiliate System is a training guide to equip you with knowledge and skills in the industry. The system will also allow a list of tools needed for affiliate marketers to fast-track their potential.

Super Affiliate System Review: Pros and Cons

There are a few pros and cons that will enlighten beginner affiliates on whether to consider this system or not. Let’s have a look at them one by one:

The system has extensive and informative, easy to follow modules.

The system is designed in a user-friendly manner, especially for beginners.

Equipped with video tutorials to quickly guide you through the process.

The system gives affiliates niche information to provide them with a competitive advantage.

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It’s very expensive.

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What’s in the Super Affiliate System?

The system is amongst the most comprehensive affiliate marketing courses on the market. The Super Affiliate System comprises more than 50 hours of content that takes about six weeks to complete. The Super Affiliate System also includes several video lectures and tutorials alongside several questions and homework assignments to test its retention.

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This program aims to provide affiliates with comprehensive ideas and tactics to become successful affiliate marketers. Therefore, their online video training course is comprehensive. Below are areas of information included within the modules;

Facebook ads

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Advanced strategies

Besides the extensive information the creator has presented on these topics, he also went an extra mile to review the complete material and also guide marketers through the course.

Who is the Super Affiliate System for?

There are a number of digital products out there that provide solutions to techniques to earn money online. But not all options offer real value for what you want. John gives people a Super Affiliate System free webinar to allow them to learn what the system entails. It will help if you spare time to watch it, as it takes 90 minutes to get through. 
Below is a brief guide to who this system is for:

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Making money online has many advantages at large. You have the flexibility to work from any place, in the comfort of your home, with just an internet connection. Even though John has stated that there are no special skills needed to achieve success in affiliate marketing, there are little basics necessary to keep you on track. 
Having a proper mindset is also vital to attaining success in affiliate marketing. So, affiliates who believe in the system working for them need to be dedicated, focused, and committed. 
They incorporate;

Keep in mind that you have more than $895 in advertisements to get started. Furthermore, set aside a couple of dollars so that you keep on the right track.
There is also additional software you require to get started. It needs an extra of between $80 and $100 a month to get it.

Where to Buy a Super Affiliate System?

If you are interested in joining this big team, you have to get into the Super Affiliate System on the official website,, and get it from there. You have to pay their set fees to get their courses and other new materials within their learning scope.

Super Affiliate System Review: Is it Worth the Money?

It depends on an individual whether the system is worth it or not. The system is worth the money for serious people who want to go deep into an affiliate marketing career and have the time to put the Super Affiliate System strategies into practice. Super Affiliate System Review, Is it worth your money?
But people who also look forward to becoming rich overnight need to get off as this is not your way. Hard work and commitment are paramount to getting everything that works best for you.

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Marget D

Marget D


Top Deep Learning Development Services | Hire Deep Learning Developer

View more:

We at Inexture, strategically work on every project we are associated with. We propose a robust set of AI, ML, and DL consulting services. Our virtuoso team of data scientists and developers meticulously work on every project and add a personalized touch to it. Because we keep our clientele aware of everything being done associated with their project so there’s a sense of transparency being maintained. Leverage our services for your next AI project for end-to-end optimum services.

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Nat  Kutch

Nat Kutch


Single Image Super-Resolution Through Automated Texture Synthesis

In this article, the highlights of EnhanceNet paper for single image super-resolution and the performance of various versions of it are discussed. I would like to mainly emphasize its loss functions which are responsible for a perceptual quality close to the original high-resolution image.


In Single Image Super-Resolution, objective metric-based (like Mean Squared Error) CNN models might give good PSNR values but typically produce over-smoothed images, and thereby lack the ability to capture high-frequency features in an image. EnhanceNet is a Generative Adversarial Network which focusses on generating realistic textures along with higher perceptual quality rather than just improving on the PSNR values.

Network Architecture

Network Architecture of EnhanceNet for 4x upsampling

EnhanceNet to generate a 4x Super-resolved Image

  • EnhanceNet has a generic CNN architecture with a feed-forward fully convolutional network comprising of 10 residual blocks as they help in faster convergence of a model.
  • Instead of the convolution transpose layers, nearest neighbor upsampling followed by a convolution layer is used in the upsampling part of the network to avoid unnecessary artifacts.
  • Finally, a bicubic interpolation of the low-resolution image is added to the reconstructed output to avoid any color shifts and to ensure training stability.

#super-resolution #machine-learning #computer-vision #deep-learning #generative-adversarial #deep learning