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Ian Robinson


Operational Analytics: Building a Real-time Data Environment for Business

Disruptive technologies, cloud computing and IoT devices continue to evolve and proliferate. As a result, businesses are generating and collecting more data than ever before. However, the challenge here is not gathering the data, but using it in the right way. Businesses are leveraging futuristic analytics features to better understand the data. One such solution is operational analytics.

Data is exponentially increasing every movement. Every time a customer interacts with a website or device, an unimaginable amount of data is generated. Meanwhile, when employees use a company-issued tablet or device to do their jobs, they add more data to the company‚Äôs data house. The data goes useless if it is not utilized properly. Henceforth, businesses are adopting operational analytics to increase workplace efficiency, driving competitive advantages, and delighting customers. Operational analytics is at the beginning of gaining ground in the business industry. A survey conducted by Capgemini Consulting on around 600 executives from the US, Europe and China suggests that over 70% of organizations now put more emphasis on operations than on consumer-focused processes for their analytics initiatives. However, only 39% of organizations in the survey said they have extensively integrated their operational analytics initiatives with their business processes and barely 29% of them have successfully achieved their desired objectives from their initiatives.

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Operational Analytics: Building a Real-time Data Environment for Business