Bitcoin to Surpass $100k by 2021? – Jared – Medium

Bitcoin to Surpass $100k by 2021? – Jared – Medium

Cryptocurrencies, The decision is yours

I’ve been told by naysayers that Bitcoin “will never hit $100k” and such a proposition is absurd. With a combination of the factors above, I believe that Bitcoin will usurp the $100k barrier within the next 3 years, but the path won’t be seamless. There will be cycles of boom and bust. Also, it’s possible that Bitcoin fails to reach such valuations or is halted by a massive setback like a black swan event. However, my bet is clearly on Bitcoin. In fact, I envision that someday we’ll look back and realize that the greater risk was not investing in Bitcoin at all.

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In my previous article, I tried to described the concept of a blockchain with code. This time, I'll try to describe the structure of a single block. I will use the Bitcoin blockchain to explain blocks, but keep in mind that the concepts will remain more or less the same. It could be useful to read my&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">last article</a>to understand a few things first.

How should i start learning code of any cryptocurrency?

I want to learn about the code of cryptocurrency with all it's features including POS and master node features, currently I have XSN code (stake-net coin) and i want to learn it so i can make use of it to learn different features of blockchain. There is no purpose to clone it or anything. How should i start learning it? I mean from which file should i start learning the code. I have learned basics of c++ but unfortunately I'm not that much good with c++. So from which file should i start learning it there is a lot .cpp and header files. Is there any one can had the same experience learning it?