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CRUD Operation Using MudBlazor | Best Blazor UI Components

How to use MudBlazor in Blazor & CRUD Operation using MudBlazor DataGrid Components with Entity Framework Core.
How to use MudBlazor in .NET 5.
✅ Download Source Code:

👉MudBlazor is perfect for .NET developers who want to rapidly build amazing web applications without having to struggle with CSS and Javascript. Being written entirely in C#, it empowers you to adapt or extend the framework.
👉MudBlazor is best UI components for Blazor based on Google’s Material Design, it is very easy to use and full of components that make it enterprise-ready components.
👉Documentation :​
👉Blazor CRUD using Mudblazor Component Library in .NET 5.
Implementing CRUD Operations in Blazor .NET 5 using the Mudblazor Component Library and a polished way to achieve CRUD functionalities. Mudblazor is without any doubt one of the coolest and complete looking Blazor Component Libraries out there.

👉Here are the topics covered:
✔ Introducing Mudblazor
✔ What We’ll Be Building?
✔ Setting up the Blazor Server Project – .NET 5
✔ Installing and Configuring Mudblazor
✔ Adding the Context & Models for EfCore
✔ Blazor CRUD Operations – Service Layer
✔ Building the UI with Mudblazor Components

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CRUD Operation Using MudBlazor  | Best Blazor UI Components