How Big Data and Machine Learning are Uniting Against Cancer

How Big Data and Machine Learning are Uniting Against Cancer

Cancer is one of the most severe diseases, it has multiple causes. Read how can big data and machine learning help in conquering cancer. Surely you will have a completely different view after reading our article.

Cancer is not one disease. It is many diseases. Let us understand the cause of cancer by a simple example. If you take a photocopy of a document, due to some issues, other dots or smears appear on it even though they are not present in the original copy. In the same way, in gene replication processes, errors occur inadvertently. Most of the time the genes with errors will not be able to sustain and will ultimately perish.

In some rare cases, the mutated gene with mistakes will survive and get further replicated uncontrollably. Uncontrollable replication of mutated genes is the primary cause of cancer. This mutation can happen in any of the twenty thousand genes in our body. Variation in any one or a combination of genes makes cancer a severe disease to conquer. To eradicate cancer, we need methods to destroy the rogue cells without harming the functional cells of the body; which makes it doubly hard to defeat.

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