Xamarin Forms Shell - Implementing Shell in Xamarin Forms 4.0

In this video, you will learn how to implement Shell in Xamarin Forms 4.0 by making use of FlyoutItem, TabBar, and MenuItem to create your MasterDetail page. We follow an example of how you will go about this implementation in a real-life scenario.

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Xamarin Forms Shell - Implementing Shell in Xamarin Forms 4.0

How to Design Login Page using Xamarin Forms C# | Login Form | Sign In UI Design


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Gaurav Singh


Xamarin Forms Training Institute | Xamarin Forms Development Classes | Xamarin Training

In this Xamarin Online course, you will learn each and every topic with the help of hands-on labs. This program includes a hands-on live project with the implementation of recommended design patterns and practices. The learning path for this program is given below:
Xamarin Training objective
At the completion of this course, attendees will be able to;

  1. Understand Xamarin architecture
  2. Understand Xamarin .Android, Xamarin. iOS fundamentals
  3. Understand Xamarin. Forms fundamentals
  4. Build UI with XAML and code
  5. Work with images, display data beautifully and create interactive lists
  6. Implement multi-page apps with navigation, tabs, master/detail pages
  7. Store and retrieve data from a variety of sources like file system, SQLite database and RESTful services
  8. Implement MVVM pattern

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Cayla  Erdman

Cayla Erdman


Xamarin.Forms Shell Quick Tip - Modal Navigation

In the Shell quick tip series we explored navigation features of Shell including passing data and going back easily. Today, I want to talk about a common feature of navigation where a new page pops up over the current page. This is different than traditional navigation where a page is pushed onto the stack. A modal page requires the user to perform an action to close the page such as tapping a close button or completing registration. With Xamarin.Forms Shell we can easily navigate using modal pages with a specific property

Presentation mode

Xamarin.Forms Shell handles all navigation styles through a property called PresentationMode. You can use it to perform modal navigation with or without animations. Additionally, you can use it with non-modal navigation to control how pages are pushed onto the stack. The mode I prefer to use is ModalAnimated to get that nice slide up from the bottom effect.


This property goes directly into the Content page top element of your page:

<ContentPage xmlns="http://xamarin.com/schemas/2014/forms"

You are also able to set it directly in the code behind if you are using C## markup for your user interface.

Shell.SetPresentationMode(this, PresentationMode.ModalAnimated);

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How to use Picker in Xamarin Forms | ComboBox | Dropdown | DropdownList


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Christa  Stehr

Christa Stehr


Watch the Xamarin Podcast: Inverter Converter and Xamarin.Forms 4.7 |

Keeping up with the latest in .NET, C#, Xamarin, and Azure is easier than ever. Co-hosts Matt Soucoupand James Montemagno cover a range of topics relevant to Xamarin developers from designing mobile apps to identity management.

In this month’s episode, James and Matt recap the 100% remote Microsoft Build that happened at the end of May 2020. They also talk about some new Azure + Xamarin docs and how to reuse Xamarin.Forms in iOS extensions.Xamarin Podcast: Build 2020 Recap

Register Your Blog

Are you writing great Xamarin content? Do you want James and Matt to talk about it on the podcast? Register your blog with Planet Xamarin! They just might feature a post of yours on the air.

The Mysterious Inverter Converter

Xamarin.Forms 4.7 is out. James and Matt break it down for you, especially multi-bindings. Multi-bindings are cool. They allow binding of more than one property from your view model to a user interface control’s property. However, when using multi-bindings in the right way, you unleash the mysterious beast called the “Inverter Converter”

What is it? Tune in to find out.

Xamarin.Forms has more goodness than multi-bindings though. James and Matt talk about how Griddefinitions get slimmed way down. Light and dark mode becomes easy to manage. Additionally, James’ ImageCircle plugin is no longer needed.

Quick Tips Are All The Rage

In case you missed it last month, James started a new series on the Xamarin blog showing off some quick tips to use with Xamarin.Forms Shell. He is back this month with how to do back navigation.

It wouldn’t be summer time (in the northern hemisphere) without some new Android requirements! The hosts will fill you in on all the details.

Azure, Azure, Azure

Who loves Azure? Everybody loves Azure!

This month, Matt updates you on why Azure SQL just might be the best database out there on Azure for developers.

Plus – have you heard about Power Automate? Tune-in to find out! Both James and Matt show their love for the Power Platform.

All of that and more – including the Azure Service of the Month and the Pick of the Pod!

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