Is My Cat Really a Dog?

Is My Cat Really a Dog?

In this tutorial, we'll learn Predicting my cat’s species using Tensorflow and Python.

I decided to try my hand at a classic image classification problem this week. I wondered how well I could train a neural network model to tell if an image contains a cat or not. I have come across many examples of CNN projects identifying cats and dogs in images, so I decided to try to solve the problem on my own using a few tutorials as a reference. I will share the sources I used to develop this neural network model and fine-tune it for the best results.

I have a cat at home, and she has been an excellent source of entertainment and comfort over this past year of repeated lockdowns and restrictions. My real motivation for this little project is to see if my cat Fussel (the German word for fluff or lint), who is known for her rather ridiculous poses, would be correctly classified as a ‘cat’ by such an AI model. I have some pretty unique images of her to test out, so I guess I will need a rather good model to correctly classify her!

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