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What is AIOps, and how does it differ from MLOps?

MLOps and AIOps both sit at the union of DevOps and AI. They may sound like the same thing, but they represent completely different ideas.

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What is AIOps, and how does it differ from MLOps?
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Alycia Klein


OCB: DevOps vs. MLOps vs. AIOps - Zak Berrie (Red Hat)

Zak Berrie, Red Hat Machine Learning Specialist, discusses and disambiguates the concepts of DevOps, MLOps and AIOps. In doing so, he attempts to find an elusive “Unified *Ops Field Theory.” Discussion and debate are welcome on this developing area of IT.

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MLOps vs DevOps - Differences between DevOps and MLOps

This article goes through the similarities and differences between DevOps and MLOps as well as platforms that help enable MLOps

As the field of machine learning has matured in recent years, the need for integrating automatic continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD) and continuous training (CT) to machine learning systems has increased. The application of DevOps philosophy to a machine learning system has been termed MLOps. The aim of MLOps is to fuse together the machine learning system development (ML) and machine learning system operation (Ops) together.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a practice used by individuals and teams when developing software systems. The benefits individuals and teams can obtain through a DevOps culture and practice includes:

  1. Rapid development life cycles
  2. Deployment velocity
  3. Code quality through the use of testing.

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Duane Purdy


What is AIOps? Learn more about AIOps

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What can a few minutes of unplanned downtime cost a business? Six or seven figures in lost revenue? A damaged brand? Or even possibly regulatory action?

In this lightboard video, Albert Traylor with IBM Cloud, visually breaks down what AIOps is and walks through a use case to demonstrate how it can help a business be able to better predict and prevent IT outages and resolve them as soon as possible when they do occur.

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Humberto Ratke


The Difference between DevOps, PrivacyOps & AIOps

The evolution of DevOps to AIOps and now PrivacyOps is a clear indication these frameworks will continue to evolve and adapt which will further help organizations create single teams that work in collaboration towards several organizational goals and objectives.

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Devops Vs MLOPS- Understand The Differences And Why IT is Important

In today’s video we will talk about Devops Vs MLOPS- Understand the difference and why IT is important


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