Aerospace Engineering: Aircraft Fundamentals and Advanced

Aerospace Engineering: Aircraft Fundamentals and Advanced

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Description The Aerospace Engineering: Aircraft Fundamentals and Advanced Course is a multidisciplinary course where you will study the aerodynamics, mechanics and engineering of Airplanes and Aircraft. My intention is that you fully understand the main topics regarding Design and Engineering of Aircraft and Airplanes.

The structure of the Course is the following:

Introduction Classification of Airplanes Aerodynamics JET Engines Flight Mechanics Performance We will discuss topics such as Stability, Mechanics and Rigid-Body Physics, Aircraft types and history, Flight Mechanics and Maneuvers, Control Surfaces, Turbofans and much more!

The objective of the Course are for you to understand how Airplanes generate Lift, how the Lift is related to the Drag and how the Drag requires a constant Thrust provided by the engines. Engine types and comparison, which one is more efficient and why? Flight Mechanics and control surfaces and Performance of the Aircraft depending on the Range and Weights.

I encourage you to begin this journey to Aerospace Engineering, you won't regret it! If you have any doubts during the course feel free to contact me, I will answer as quick as possible!

Basic knowledge Basic physics (High School Level). Not mandatory! Interest in Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering What will you learn Understand the basics of Aerospace Engineering Identify the components of an Aircraft and their purposes Understand how Airplanes Fly and their key parameters Identify the type of Aircraft suited for each mission Define and propose your own Aircraft Understand the basics of stability and Aircraft Design

To continue:

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