What's a Method in JavaScript?

What's a Method in JavaScript?

A method is a function that belongs to an object and executed with that object as a context.

1. What is a method

Let’s define and call a regular function:

function greet(who) {
  return `Hello, ${who}!`;

greet('World'); // => 'Hello, World!'

The function keyword followed by its name, params, and body: function greet(who) {...} makes a regular function definition.

greet('World') is the regular function invocation. The function greet('World') accepts data from the argument.

What if who is a property of an object? To easily access the properties of an object you can attach the function to that object, in other words, create a method.

Let’s make greet() a method on the object world:

const world = {
  who: 'World',

  greet() {
    return `Hello, ${this.who}!`;

world.greet(); // => 'Hello, World!'

greet() { ... } is now a method that belongs to the world object. world.greet() is a method invocation.

Inside of the greet() method this points to the object the method belongs to — world. That’s why this.who expression accesses the property who.

Note that this is also named context.

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