PHP - Step by step guide from scratch with examples

PHP - Step by step guide from scratch with examples

Learn how to develop your own Website using PHP from Scratch.

Description Why PHP...?

PHP stands for "Hypertext Pre-processor" language its very easy to learn, PHP uses procedural programming or object-oriented programming.

PHP is used by 82.6% of all websites, we are going to cover each and every single concept so you can easily understand the flow of the language.

We will learn how to up your localhost/server environment and execute your PHP script, we start from zero that means how to create the variables then we further move to the conditions and loops. You also learn what are functions and how to create your own function, how to call built-in function and pass arguments/parameters, You will the Arrays how and why we use theme because we use array while working on database don't worry we will discuss about the database in this series.

You will also learn how to use MySQL to create and generate your queries in PHP, I will cover the integration of MySQL database with PHP and perform the CRUD operation in this series, I will also cover how to use AJAX in PHP.

I will Cover how to create forms and sending the data to the server, I will also give you the tips and tricks about security and much more.

These tops listed below are included in this series.

Variables Constants Conditions Loops Arrays Functions SQL database with PHP Security Usage of HTML in php Ajax with PHP CRUD operation Forms File uploading And much more... Basic knowledge HTML CSS MYSQL Basic knowledge of Programming What will you learn Build Website from scratch with PHP All basic Concepts i.e Array,database,functions SQL CRUD Operation Creating queries using SQL How to use bootstrap in php To continue:

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