Smart home company uses Bigtable cloud databases

Smart home company uses Bigtable cloud databases

See how smart home company ecobee migrated database workloads to Bigtable to add performance and scale and save costs. Ecobee is a Toronto-based maker of smart home solutions that help improve the everyday lives of customers while creating a more sustainable world.

Choosing cloud for speed and scale With the scalability and capacity problems we were having, we looked to cloud services, and knew we wanted a managed service. We first [adopted BigQuery as a solution] to use with our data store. For our cooler storage, anything older than six months, we read data from BigQuery and reduce the amount we store on a hot data store.

Enjoying the results of a better back end The biggest advantage we’ve witnessed since switching to Bigtable is the financial savings. We were able to significantly reduce the costs of running Home IQ features, and have significantly reduced the latency of the feature by 10x by migrating all our data, hot and cold, to Bigtable. Our Google Cloud cost went from about $30,000 per month down to $10,000 per month once we added Bigtable, even as we scaled our usage for even more use cases. Those are profound improvements.

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