Permutation in Java Explained [With Coding Examples]

Permutation in Java Explained [With Coding Examples]

In this tutorial, we'll learn Permutation in Java Explained [With Coding Examples]. Surely you will have a completely different view after reading our article. Let's explore it with us now.

JAVA was developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems in the year 1995. Using JAVA, developers can create stable, secure, and resilient applications that are capable of running on almost any platform — including Linux, Windows, and macOS based operating systems.

The Write Once, Run Always property of JAVA (also known as WORA) also saves the need of recompiling code that has been compiled satisfactorily once already. This versatility of JAVA makes it an ideal language to integrate in-built complex logical and mathematical functionality into almost all types of cross-platform applications. 

The advantages of using JAVA to develop web-apps, as opposed to any other alternative (or popular) web development environment, extend to three main pillars of sustained application benefits, namely:

  1. JAVA syntax is easy to learn and easy to adapt to, and suitable for coders at every level of pace and complexity. This makes JAVA a safe bet for development teams that are subject to frequent personnel changes. The time taken for a new resource to align themselves to the common development platform (JAVA), is one of the least in the industry.
  2. JAVA is a high-level, object oriented programming language, which makes it completely modular in approach, and gives developers the ability to create functionally reusable chunks of code, thereby reducing effort. A vast library of in-built functions also reduces dependencies on other tertiary plugins or compiler add-ons, scripts, etc – which in turn gives JAVA one of the least implementation times.
  3. JAVA blends the best of all worlds by being platform-independent as discussed above. A web application that is developed in JAVA can be easily moved from one operating system to another with zero loss in functionality, and that’s a priceless utility to possess in any development environment.

As one of the aspects that makes JAVA so lucrative as a development platform for the web, its minimal implementation dependencies and mathematically sound syntax can be generously exploited to perform almost any mathematical or logical instruction by simply invoking an in-built function, with minimum additional customisation.

One of the brightest examples of this flexibility in code, is the ability to perform permutation in JAVA — more specifically, to truly randomise and find all possible permutations of all the characters available in a particular string.

In this guided tutorial, we will learn how to attempt to perform this permutation in JAVA by storing the first character of the string in a “tracked” location of the string, and invoking the generatePermutation() function to randomize different variations with _all _the other characters in the string.

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