15 Hilarious Jokes by the Programmers for the Programmers

15 Hilarious Jokes by the Programmers for the Programmers

Don’t worry if you are not a programmer. These jokes will still tickle your funny bones.

Due to the WFH situation, I miss the office environment where we go crazy laughing over silly jokes in the life of we — the programmers.Here is an attempt to recreate the laughs. These jokes will make you roll on the floor, laughing because they are all derived from real-life scenarios.After all, the software engineer’s real-life incidents are funnier than any joke.

Caution:_ If you are drinking hot beverages, please put them down safely before proceeding to read further._

0. Debugging definition

Debugging is the most powerful tool in the arsenal of every programmer. We spend 80% of our working hours debugging and the rest 20% coding.

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