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Cloud Security should be a priority for any business and security begins with strong password policies. Here are some password best practices that can help prevent attacks:

  1. Implement a lockout policy that will temporarily freeze the account once an incorrect password has been entered a certain number of times. While this won’t prevent all attacks, it is a simple way to deter hackers.
  2. Use a password generator and management tool. Instead of allowing users to create their own passwords require them to use a password generator that will create random passwords that are impossible to guess. A password management tool will help users to safely enter passwords without having to remember a string of random letters and numbers.
  3. Reset passwords regularly. Make sure that users are resetting passwords at regular intervals.

Cloud Security relies on a variety of different tools, but passwords are one the most basic and yet effective ways to prevent cyber attacks. When used and managed properly passwords can ensure compliance and user authentication. For more information about ways to improve passwords and cloud security, contact the experts at prancer. Contact Us

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