Why Flutter is the future of mobile app development?

Why Flutter is the future of mobile app development?

In simple terms Flutter is a software development tool developed by Google and launched in 2017. The main programming language used is dart also c and c++ is used. It can be used in different platforms like android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux...

In simple terms Flutter is a software development tool developed by Google and launched in 2017. The main programming language used is dart also c and c++ is used. It can be used in different platforms like android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux making it a cross platform development framework.

There are many wonderful apps developed using flutter. Some of them are Alibaba, Hamilton Musical (Music app), Coach Yourself (Health and fitness app), Birch Finance (Finance related app), Hookle ( Social app). Here you can see the wide range of industries using Flutter.

Why Flutter and its superiority over the existing technologies

The most striking feature of flutter is that the same codebase can be used for both android and iOS platforms which definitely gives it superiority over native languages.
There is no requirement of separate team of developers for developing the app for android and iOS. This feature makes Flutter more efficient and cost effective. It speeds up the development time. And what makes it superior over other cross platform technologies is its high productivity because of the compiling done with c and c++ engines. This gives it the superiority in both android and iOS platforms.

Hot Reload and Hot Restart

This definitely makes the life of developers much easier. In hot reloading you can see the changes made in the code reflect in the application in real-time. It saves a lot of time and makes it really efficient. And in hot restart the preserved state values are set to default so after every hot restart you get a freshly compiled application.

Minimal Learning Curve

The perfect documentation of flutter has helped it gain a lot of popularity among developers. This has helped in the rapid growth of its usage. The effort the team has put into the documentation is really appreciable so even the fresher developers could learn it themselves. And it is undoubted a very strong skill set to achieve. And the effort put by the Google team to popularize it also plays a major role.

One UI Design

We often see how an app looks different on android and iOS. But using Flutter since there is same code base the UI looks exactly the same on both platforms. So this helps the users while shifting from android to iOS or vice-versa.

Flutter also provides a lot of built-in components and libraries including Material designs and Cupertino widgets. This helps in building UI that is very similar to native UI. Flutter provide very beautiful UI designs.

Similar to Native App performance

Even when flutter is a cross platform framework it offers a performance similar to that of a native app. In most cases it is even difficult to tell the difference. The reason is its lack of dependence on any intermediate code representation which in turn results in improved performance. The components of Flutter are built-in there is no any bridge in between.

Own Rendering Engine

One of the most powerful features of Flutter is undoubtedly this. The presence of a very strong framework is what makes Flutter different from other cross platform frameworks. Flutter uses skia as its rendering engine. And skia helps it to launch on any platform without much difficulties. And this gives Flutter high hand over many cross platform frameworks.

Dart as Programming Language

As mentioned above Flutter is written in Dart. Dart is an object oriented programming language which supports inheritance, interface etc. One of the main objectives of Dart programming language is to keep it simple and stable. Being simple increases its popularity amongst programmers especially those who are willing to learn new things, this increases the popularity of the language. It has many libraries and tools which makes it apt to develop big applications. Dart is general purpose programming language that can be used to built mobile apps, desktop apps and also web based apps.

Flutter is believed to take over the future of mobile application development. With its increasing popularity and high quality documentation it can definitely remain superior to the existing cross platform framework

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