Google's Flutter 1.20 stable announced with new features - Navoki

Google has announced new flutter 1.20 stable with many improvements, and features, enabling flutter for Desktop and Web

What is Flutter and why you should learn it?

Flutter is an open-source UI toolkit for mobile developers, so they can use it to build native-looking Android and iOS applications from the same code base for both platforms. Flutter is also working to make Flutter apps for Web, PWA (progressive Web-App) and Desktop platform (Windows,macOS,Linux).

On-boarding Screen UI Design | Flutter UI | Get Started Page Design - Flutter App

Best Onboarding screen UI Design - Flutter App👩‍💻Source Code:

Flutter WhatsApp UI Clone Part-3 | Flutter app | Speed Code | Flutter tutorial

Create WhatsApp Clone using Flutter#flutter #flutterwhatsapp #flutterui #mobileapp #whatsappclone👩‍💻Source Code:

Flutter Tutorial | Restaurant App UI Design | Part - 1

Simple UI design for a restaurant using ListView and Card#flutter #mobileapp #restaurantapp #dart #googleSource Code: