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Angular 11 Image Upload, Preview, Crop, Zoom and Scale Example

Throughout this comprehensive tutorial, we will explain how to upload an angular image, show image preview by creating a Base64 url in angular, how to crop an image in angular, how to zoom the image, and how to scale the image in Angular.

Adding image uploading, previewing, cropping, scaling, and zooming in Angular is easy; this required feature can be created using the ngx-image-cropper plugin.

The Image cropper for Angular is available through the node package manager, and this plugin allows you to add profound features related to an image file.

Register image cropper in Angular’s main app module class, after which you can access numerous methods and API for handling file upload, preview, and zoom. To know more about the image cropper, visit here.

Angular 11 Image Cropper Example

  • Step 1: Set Up Angular Environment
  • Step 2: Install Bootstrap Package
  • Step 3: Add NGX Image Cropper Package
  • Step 4: Register ImageCropperModule in App Module
  • Step 5: Integrate Image Cropper in Angular
  • Step 6: Start Development Server


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Angular 11 Image Upload, Preview, Crop, Zoom and Scale Example

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Crop and Resize Image Before Upload In Laravel Using with jQuery Copper JS

Crop and resize image size before upload in laravel using jquery copper js. In this post, i will show you how to crop and resize image size in laravel using jQuery copper js in laravel.

This laravel crop image before upload using cropper js looks like:

laravel crop image before upload

Laravel Crop Image Before Uploading using Cropper js Tutorial

Laravel crop image before upload tutorial, follow the following steps and learn how to use cropper js to crop image before uploading in laravel app:

  • Step 1: Install New Laravel App
  • Step 2: Add Database Details
  • Step 3: Create Migration & Model
  • Step 4: Add Route
  • Step 5: Create Controller By Artisan
  • Step 6: Create Blade View
  • Step 7: Make Upload Directory
  • Step 8: Start Development Server


Live Demo Laravel Crop image Before Upload.

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Laravel 8 Image Upload Example

In this post I will explain laravel 8 image upload example, image or file upload is most common task in web developing so here, i will show you how to upload image in laravel 8.

Here we will see laravel 8 upload image to public folder, So here we will create two routes, one for get method and second for post method. and also we are creating basic form with file input. So you have to simple select image and then it will upload in “images” directory of public folder.

Laravel 8 Image Upload Example

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Laravel 7/6 Image Upload Example Tutorial

Laravel image upload example tutorial. Here, i will show you how to upload image in laravel 7/6 with preview and validation.

Before store image into db and folder, you can validate uploaded image by using laravel validation rules. as well as you can show preview of uploaded image in laravel.

Image Upload In Laravel 7/6 with Validation

Image upload in laravel 7/6 with preview and validation. And storage image into folder and MySQL database by using the below steps:

Install Laravel Fresh App
Setup Database Details
Generate Image Migration & Model
Create Image Upload Route
Create Image Controller
Create Image Upload and Preview Blade View
Start Development Server

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Ahebwe Oscar


how to integrate CKEditor in Django

how to integrate CKEditor in Django

Welcome to my Blog, in this article we learn about how to integrate CKEditor in Django and inside this, we enable the image upload button to add an image in the blog from local. When I add a CKEditor first time in my project then it was very difficult for me but now I can easily implement it in my project so you can learn and implement CKEditor in your project easily.

how to integrate CKEditor in Django

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PHP Crop Image While Uploading with Cropper JS

Are you looking for tutorial on How to Crop image before uploading of image when user has click on Upload button. How to get the Cropped image in PHP and upload to server. If yes, the you have find the right web page, this is because in this tutorial we have step by step descript how to implement Cropper.js jQuery plugin for crop image and then after upload on to server using PHP script with Ajax. In this tutorial we have use Cropper.js javascript library for crop image and for upload image we have use Ajax which will send cropped image data to php script for upload on to server. In this post you can find complete source code with video tutorial also.

For more information -

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