Node.js Modification of the SQL Database Schema

A NoSQL database is used by many applications in Node.js to meet the durability level requirement. NoSQL database developers do not need to be too concerned about changes to the data model which affect the application as long as the logic supports the new data definition.

Base migration is the transformation process of data between different states without human intervention. Database migration This technique enables us to trace changes between modifications to our schema. We’ll utilise an open-source framework known as node-db-migrate. Whether a terminal application is created or a sophisticated API, it may be utilised to control the schematic modifications of the database.


A nice CLI tool that we use to manage our database migration scripts is included in the Node-db-migration Framework. We may instal it globally with the following command on our computer system:

npm install -g db-migrate

Our MySQL database schema will be managed. Node-db-migrate provides several packages for connections to the different engines of the database, such as MySQL. We need to instal the following package in our project to manage a MySQL database using_ node-db-migrate:_

npm install --save db-migrate-mysql

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Node.js Modification of the SQL Database Schema