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How to launch a cryptocurrency exchange like localbitcoin?

Localbitcoins is the best peer to peer bitcoin exchanging or fiat currency exchanging platform there is no kyc for buying and selling bitcoins using blockchain technology.It is a secure and less hussle and you can trade even in offline.Local bitcoins follow escrow concept for trading bitcoin on this platform.

Here i’m going to explain a how to launch cryptocurrency exchange like bitcoin a step by step:

1.Draft the strategy.
2.list out all the needable things.
3.finding the best cryptocurrency exchange development company is most preferable.
4.After a detailed analysis you should purchase a local bitcoin clone script and compare with other companies.
5.improve all necessary things in the local bitcoin clone script to the seller.
6.On the off chance that you need any plan, specialized and advancement help, enlist some dedicated crypto exchange developers, so you can reach your exchange platform on the correct time.
7.Settle the upgrades, and test locally the beta form of customized localbitcoins clone script.
8.Pick a favored country where you need to begin your business, and dispatch your exchange site alongside the help of expected developers.

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How to launch a cryptocurrency exchange like localbitcoin?