Python Sorted and Sort

Python Sorted and Sort

Python Sorted and Sort. What is the difference between `sorted(list)` vs `list.sort()`? python list sorting copy in-place.

One day while playing with Python, it dawned on me that I thought of sort and sorted as the same thing. Yikes! That means it was time for a quick and dirty study on the differences. Instead of creating a small and nonsensical (to me) dataset, I decided to use my own data frame. It’s a data frame I scraped and cleaned on my own and eventually used to create GeoPandas visualizations and classification modeling. My coffee_reviews_cleaned.csv data frame has 2,195 rows of coffee data with 19 columns.

So…what’s the difference between sort and sorted in Python?

List.sort() is a method used on lists, and only lists, not dictionaries, tuples, or sets. List.sort() arranges the list in a new order and mutates the original list. There are 2 parameters for list.sort() — reverse and key. Reverse and key are optional; the default is reverse = False

The syntax is:


On the flip side, the built-in Python sorted() function can be used on lists, tuples, dictionaries, or sets, and does not mutate the original data structure. Again, reverse and key are optional, and the default is reverse = False.

The syntax is:

sorted(iterable, reverse, key)

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