Integrating Fortanix Self-Defending KMS with NGINX and NGINX Plus

Integrating Fortanix Self-Defending KMS with NGINX and NGINX Plus

With the Fortanix Self-Defending Key Management Service, you can offload TLS crytographic processing from your NGINX and NGINX Plus servers.

If you have a large number of NGINX servers, it can be a challenge to manage their TLS keys and certificates. One solution is to manage them centrally with a key management system (KMS), one example of which is a hardware security module (HSM).

Enterprises with modern applications deployed in public or hybrid clouds need a KMS that is cloud‑agnostic, highly secure, scalable, and highly available so it can offload crypto operations from web applications deployed on a variety of platforms across the globe. In the interest of maximum security, many organizations want full control and ownership of the KMS and its operations, which rules out many cloud HSMs and SaaS offerings.

The Fortanix Self‑Defending Key Management Service™ (Self‑Defending KMS) meets all of these requirements:

  • Cloud‑agnostic – Can be accessed by applications running on all public cloud platforms as well as on premises.
  • Highly secure, scalable, and highly available – Makes use of Intel® Software Guard Extensions (SGX) technology to provide ultrasecure encryption of data at rest and in motion. All crypto operations are accomplished inside the SGX secure enclave for HSM‑grade security.
  • You can deploy Self‑Defending KMS as an appliance on premises or in public clouds that support Intel SGX. At the time of writing, that includes Microsoft Azure and IBM Cloud.
  • Full control – Deploys in your infrastructure or IaaS and provides web‑based UI for centralized management.

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