Introducing the Azure SDK for Python (Conda) **Preview**

Introducing the Azure SDK for Python (Conda) **Preview**

We’re excited to announce that the Azure SDK for Python (Conda) Preview packages are now available in the Microsoft channel.

We’re excited to announce that the Azure SDK for Python (Conda) Preview packages are now available in the Microsoft channel.

Conda is the most popular platform for scientific computing. It is widely used by data scientists. It provides a packaging system, separate from PyPI, which optimizes for self-contained packages, guarantees dependency enforcement, and provides built-in execution environment isolation.

The Azure SDK for Python (Conda) packages are open-source libraries that simplify provisioning, managing, and using Azure resources from Python application code.

Getting Started


  • Miniconda which provides a bare-minimum Conda root environment with Python.


  • Anaconda which is Anaconda Inc.’s flagship product, and provides a full-featured Conda root environment as well as hundreds of useful tools, libraries, and utilities by default.

Add channel

Add the Microsoft channel to Conda config with the following command:

Install packages

Once the Microsoft channel has been enabled, you can use conda to install Azure SDK for Python (Conda) packages. E.g. if you want to install azure-storage, you would install it with:

Package availability

Azure SDK for Python (Conda) packages are divided into several composable client libraries that serve different purposes. They are organized by services. e.g. if you want to use storage, you only need to install azure-storage. All storage libraries will be installed including azure-storage-blob, azure-storage-queue, azure-storage-file-share and azure-storage-file-datalake. There is no need to install the packages individually. We’ve simplified packages for Azure SDK for Python (Conda) by grouping them by services. E.g. we bundle azure-storage-blob, azure-storage-queue, azure-storage-file-share and azure-storage-file-datalake packages into one azure-storage package. It is not 1 on 1 mapping between conda packages and pypi packages.

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