What Are The Advantages of Python?

What Are The Advantages of Python?

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Python is a language that is used by coders around the globe for several reasons. Many businesses are urged to choose Python as their language for programming. Let’s breakdown some of the advantages of the Python programming language.

1. It is Free

Python is an open-source language. Python doesn’t need a custom-built platform and any desktop and laptop are compatible with Python. All the tools that are necessary for coding, the supporting means, modules, and libraries are free.

2. Less Coding is Required

Python has a very easy syntax. The logic that needs a 6-7 line code in other languages, can be done with just 2-3 lines in Python. Having a smaller code requires less space and is well-appreciated by software developers, as the rework also takes lesser time. The language primarily focuses on readability. To support itself, Python has many built-ins and libraries that make it easy to manage.

3. Big Companies Are Using It

As we have mentioned earlier, big leaders like Google, Spotify, YouTube hire Python developers and use Python over other languages. What’s more? Edureka states that NASA and Disney have shifted towards the Python environment.

4. Python Is For Every Software Developer

Every software development is the result of a series of software design that is built, a series of definite coding and testing. There is a lot more concern about meeting the actual result with the desired outcome. A company depends on the software and its functionality, and the software depends on how it is built. Python helps you build well-coded software that will eventually lead to a great company. It has all the best traits that make it a reliable language that is embraced by industries around the world.

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Python vs Other Programming Languages

In this comparison, you will get a deep insight into why companies should leverage the power of Python as compared to the other programming languages.

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1. Python vs PHP

PHP is widely used for web development and it is a collection of separate scripts. On the other hand, Python is a powerful language that also is used to develop web applications. But, which is the best, Python or PHP? Well, let’s find out. Ease of use – To build a website or any software, you need a simple language that is easy to understand and implement. In such cases, Python is far better than PHP. Frameworks – The work of the developers is more informal and transparent. For PHP, the most popular frameworks are Laravel, Symfony, etc. However, Python uses Django and Flask. Python has created a thriving community to ensure users can benefit from the latest updates.

2. Python vs Java

When comparing Python and Java, most developers prefer to use Python. Python is coded progressively and does not need a blueprint. Whereas, Java is an interpreted language in which you have to define the variable names. Java offers the ability to develop multi-platform software, whereas many operating systems are compliant with Python. In contrast to Python, Java is complex. As a result, studying with no technical experience is very difficult.

3. Python vs Ruby

Both Python and Ruby are flexible and scalable object-oriented languages. Ruby offers a wide variety of options to choose from, while Python just offers one. With that said, it can be both a benefit and a drawback. Ruby is the most widespread framework. It’s the same as the Python framework – Django. In comparison, both these programming languages involve wide communities.

Undoubtedly, Python will rule the future, and most companies need to hire dedicated developers to ensure code quality and stability.

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