Add a one-time fee to a Subscription with Checkout

In this episode you’ll learn how to collect a one-time fee in addition to the amounts collected for a recurring Subscription. Brennan walks through the process for creating an InvoiceItem, attaching it to a customer, and passing that customer when creating a CheckoutSession. This is a great tool for adding one-time setup fees, additional features like support, or selling hardware that pairs with a software subscription.

Table of contents

00:00 Introduction
00:44 Setup checkout-single-subscription sample
02:15 Add UI to add the add-on
03:48 Style the new UI
05:23 Handle toggling the add-on
09:41 Create products and prices
12:30 Create the add-on InvoiceItem
15:04 Test the demo
15:53 Adding custom priced add-ons


Brennan Kreiman - Integration Engineer at Stripe


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Add a one-time fee to a Subscription with Checkout