Azure Automation: Create database copies of Azure SQL Database

Azure Automation: Create database copies of Azure SQL Database

This article will describe Azure Automation to create a database copy of an Azure SQL Database.

This article will explore Azure automation for creating a new Azure SQL Database copy.


In the article, Create a transactionally consistent copy of Azure SQL Database, we discussed the process to create an Azure SQL DB copy in the same, different subscription. We can create this database on the same or different server. It keeps the same service tier, compute size, backup redundancy of the source database server. The new database copy is independent of the source database, and you can manage your logins, users, permissions, objects like a regular azure database.

Suppose we get frequent requirements of creating database copy for our workload testing, deployment of new code, or performance tuning. You might need to create a database copy in another azure SQL Server hosting the development instance. You can always do the manual task, but you need to connect the Azure portal, go to the required resource, fill in the details, and then implement the things. In this case, It is always best to do task automation to avoid manual intervention. You can save your time and improve efficiency. You can also schedule the deployment during night hours where you don’t have to wake up and do the things.

How do we automatically create a copy of Azure SQL DB? Well, there are multiple ways to do that, but you can quickly implement it using Azure Automation.

In this article, let’s implement an azure runbook and schedule it for automatic copy database creation.

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