What Testing Really Requires

What Testing Really Requires

A passionate take on what software testing involves and why Dr. Grigori Melnik's definition of it was described as beautiful. When it comes to testing as a craft, as a discipline, we don’t believe that you can automate it 100%. That will never happen – just like the vision of AI-driven development that’s been around for several decades now, where software automatically writes software. It’s nice to demo, it’s nice to read about in sci-fi or see in the movies, but it’s not going to happen.

Human insight, human intelligence, human thinking is required for testing. Testing is a highly intellectual activity – that’s something that I want to emphasize and for people to appreciate. There are a lot of different actions and activities within the testing role where tooling can give you a leg up by enabling you to automate some of the mundane tasks of checking and regression testing and all that. This is where we provide a plethora of different tools and capabilities – for everything that the machines can do better.

This includes everything from regression testing, to when you need to launch your testing at a high scale against tens of thousands of different nodes in a distributed fashion. You can do it as part of your distributed test execution just to make sure that the tests run faster – and as a result, your pipeline and everything ends up going faster, and you can do a continuous release on a daily or hourly basis, whatever is right for you. From the perspective of load and performance testing, trying to do it all yourself without the tooling, without the infrastructure that can handle all the required provisioning, installation, self-healing if needed, and capturing the data…that is insane.

All of this extra work is not “testing;” it is prepping and execution. With it taken care of, you – as a tester – can focus on things like…

  • setting the targets
  • setting the goals
  • thinking about the hypotheses
  • thinking about your oracles
  • thinking about what you are you pursuing; what kind of insight you are trying to provide to the people you are working with

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