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Difference between Angular and AngularJS

Summary: AngularJS and Angular development frameworks remain the leading frameworks for application development in 2022 and beyond. But to decide which one to use for your upcoming projects requires an in-depth understanding of the difference between AngularJS and Angular.

Major Difference between Angular and AngularJS

Angular JS and Angular are the two most renowned web application development frameworks. While Google has developed both frameworks, they offer very different features that set them apart. The significant difference between AngularJS and Angular is that AngularJS supports javascript, while Angular supports TypeScript. 

The general consideration of these frameworks for your business needs would be determined by your goals and expectations for that project.

Let’s look at this article to learn the difference between AngularJS and Angular, along with their concepts.

Let’s start with an in-depth overview of Angular, its features, and pros vs. cons.

Overview of Angular

Angular is an open-source web framework that is entirely free to use. It was developed by Google and released in September 2016 for public use. Although it is considered a Javascript-based framework, its primary programming language is TypeScript. 

Developed by Microsoft, TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript, which means that TypeScript has all the capabilities JS has, plus some additional features. 

The angular framework is primarily used for developing fully-functional web apps with modern design and highly dynamic behavior. 

Features of Angular

  • Cross-Platform: The angular cross-framework platform enables you to create stunning UIs for web and native mobile and desktop applications. Also, the framework is convenient for developing macOS, Windows, and Linux operating systems applications.
  • Makes Use of TypeScript: Angular uses the programming language TypeScript, ensuring fewer errors during the compile time as the types of variables are defined beforehand. Also, any piece of JavaScript code is valid TypeScript code. 
  • Angular CLI (Command Line Interface): This feature lets you speed up the development process. From setting up the project to adding components, there are multiple tasks that you can carry out by simply using Angular’s native CLI.
  • Unit Testing Support: With Angular, it becomes feasible to execute unit testing hassle-free and, thus, ensure that your code has minimal bugs.

Pros and Cons of Angular

Let’s examine the pros and cons of the Angular development framework.

  Pros of Angular

  • The latest Angular framework version use TypeScript, which allows code models and optimization using the OOPS concept.
  • It holds a mobile support framework.
  • Angular supports the modifications for an improved hierarchical dependencies system along with modularity.
  • A developer can perform a function with the features such as syntax for type checking, Dart, lambda operators, Angular CLI, ES5, iterators, and ES6.
  • Angular follows semantic versioning, which contains a major-minor-patch arrangement.
  • One of the significant advantages of Angular is that it delivers the event of simplest routing. 

 Cons of Angular

  • When it comes to the event of set-up, Angular JS is less complex than Angular2+ versions.
  • It is not ideal for creating an output of simple web applications.
  • Here, in Angular, directing a comprehensive range of browsers is challenging as it does not consist of all the features of modern versions. 

Overview of AngularJS

Angular JS is a legacy version of the Angular framework that is also an open-source JavaScript framework suitable for front-end web development. This trending framework has a broad scope for structuring exceptional single-page web apps.

This framework builds templates using HTML. It is popular and demanding in the developer community because of its scalability and natural intuitiveness. Simply put, when a programmer builds a Single-page application with AngularJS, the page loads quickly, delivering an excellent user experience and much easier to maintain.

Do you know: there are more than 4 billion websites built with Angular JS around the globe as of 2022, and the number is rising sharply?”

AngularJS Features

Below are the highlights of AngularJS features.

  • Use of Plain JavaScript: AngularJS framework uses plain JavaScript programming language, which implies that the models in AngularJS are plain JavaScript objects. This feature makes it easy to test and maintain the code created with AngularJS.
  • Controllers and Directives: The directive and controllers in AngularJS allow you to choose the functionality and have complete control over the application behavior.
  • Reusable Components: With AngularJS, you can develop reusable elements that you can employ multiple times within an application. To create these components, you need to make use of directives. A component can define a particular functionality.
  • Routing: Routing is the feature that enables you to switch between different views of an application. Simply put, routing allows users to navigate via different pages of a website or various sections of a web app. 

Pros and Cons of AngularJS

Below are a few pros and cons of the Angular JS development framework.

Pros of AngularJS

  • AngularJS has a small codebase, which makes it organized.
  • AngularJS employs a significant MVC (Model-View-Controller) data binding that creates dynamic application performance.
  • JavaScript has a more comprehensive spread than TypeScript. Almost every developer has been familiar with HTML and JavaScript since they began learning to code. This is one of the reasons why almost every enterprise wants to hire Angular JS developers.

Cons of AngularJS

  • AngularJS was created for designers. So it is not as developer-friendly as Angular is.
  • Impossible to build SEO-optimized web applications without backend HTML rendering.
  • Problem with the scale of implementation, which is a little rough and poor.


The above comparison between Angular and AngularJS states the valuable concepts and functionality of both versions. While Angular is used to develop bigger and small applications, Angular.JS is a robust framework used to develop scalable client-side website applications with less development effort and time.

Get in touch with our dedicated angular experts to learn more about how your business can achieve remarkable growth from our Angular and AngularJS development services. Just contact us and discuss your requirements for free.

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Why Choose AngularJS framework for the enterprise? | Angular development Company - CMARIX

Although Angular JS has bought headlines over the domain of Web application development, its relevance downtime does not offer any guarantee. Since the JavaScript application is the child of Google, its web features may have some value. Angular JS enables the developer to write most of the code in HTML which brings the application together. Such potentiality and simplicity of the program from the Angular Development Company made Angular popular among JavaScripts.

But the real question arises on the integrity and the safety Angular can provide to the industry. Angular regularly updates its libraries to fix security issues over earlier versions. However, the private and customized Angular versions fall back from the latest versions. These versions might lack the crucial security patches. As a piece of advice, developers can share their improvement requests in the community.

Backward compatibility indicates that the updated versions can function with the outdated versions. Hence, it can simplify the migration procedures to the latest Angular version. Some portions of the AngularJS apps need lazy loading to ease the update and to facilitate the transfer of large projects.

Since AngularJS tends to spoil backward compatibility, it might cause future problems in a program.

The Changing Face of Frameworks

There were several ups and downs in the Web application market over the past. A few years ago, SproutCore ruled the throne as a top framework. However, according to Google search trends, BackboneJS later stole the spotlight which again passed over to EmberJS. But, there remains no comparison for AngularJS.

Birthed by Adam Abrons and Misko Hevery, the Brat Tech engineers in 2009, the Angular Development Company AngularJS took a swift transition to open-source. When Misko Hevery joined Google, he continued to develop Angular JS. The platform began to earn its place by December of 2012 according to Google Trends.

In the year 2015, the potential of AngularJS surpassed other frameworks and offered job placements for many developers. However, AngularJS is not entirely without competition as Facebook came up with ReactJS. Hence, there is a race to show which surpasses the other. But, according to Jeff Schroeder, among the native apps, React elevates mobile app development to higher levels.

Continuous Development in Angular JS

AngularJS has high popularity yet, the developers break backward compatibility on a regular basis. Therefore, the supporters of AngularJS have to learn the AngularJS framework again and again. A critic of AngularJS – Danny Tuppeny, points out that the framework is unstable as it offers short-term support. The developers develop the framework every now and then which can puzzle its users. However, a mobile Web developer by the name of Nene Bodonkor indicates another factor. The frameworks become satisfactory and since they fail to keep up with the market requirements, change becomes crucial.

On the contrary, Yehuda Katz, the creator of EmberJS suggests that the fast-paced lifestyle needs to slow down. Therefore, these constant changes can compel people to reduce and balance their pace. Both, ReactJS from Facebook and EmberJS fight to achieve maximum backward compatibility. Such a characteristic helps these frameworks to come to use for an enterprise. But, AngularJS still has its upper hand over its competitors.

The simple-to-learn design of the Angular Framework with various functions

A legacy system includes few characteristics like old technology that are not compatible with the present systems. These systems do not remain available for purchase from distributors or vendors. These legacy systems cannot update nor patch up by themselves as the developer or vendor stops its maintenance.

The CTO of a mobile and Web app development company Monsoon, Michi Kono agreed on the decisions. But he also commented that the core developers at AngularJS miscommunicated the information. As the AngularJS framework has its uses in Google, they can use the platform for legacy versions and supporting enterprises. According to Michi Kono, AngularJS can promise a safe approach for its use in enterprises. The framework of Angular Development Company USA makes learning simple as it lacks strong convention opinions. The framework is easy for developers to learn and Angular has its applications on other parallel technologies. Vast organizations that have a demand for on-scale development and hiring procedures can use the framework to their advantage.

The low level of Angular appears more as a toolbox than a framework. Such an approach makes Angular useful on a wide variety of utility functions. The developer can use the JavaScript framework to add a single website button through a separate framework. Major companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft aim to improve JavaScript to match entrepreneur requirements. Since AtScript or the typed JavaScript from Google, will form the backbone of AngularJS 2.0, several developers shall prefer to leverage it.

The Best Fit

AngularJS has several promising aspects for developers from different enterprises to try. But the JavaScript framework undergoes several alterations by its developers. Yet, some of the JavaScript frameworks grab the focus of various users for which they remain in maintenance. Therefore, according to Brian Leroux, the Adobe Web developer, there are two options left. Developers can either imprison themselves within vast rewrites with no forward progress. Or Hire angular developers who can focus their attention to optimize the website architecture. Therefore, developers need to stay up-to-date with the current developments in the web application frameworks like AngularJS.

AngularJS frameworks carry lots of potential in real-time markets. But, the developers need to stay up-to-date to tackle the regular changes in its infrastructure.

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Install Angular - Angular Environment Setup Process

Angular is a TypeScript based framework that works in synchronization with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. To work with angular, domain knowledge of these 3 is required.

  1. Installing Node.js and npm
  2. Installing Angular CLI
  3. Creating workspace
  4. Deploying your First App

In this article, you will get to know about the Angular Environment setup process. After reading this article, you will be able to install, setup, create, and launch your own application in Angular. So let’s start!!!

Angular environment setup

Install Angular in Easy Steps

For Installing Angular on your Machine, there are 2 prerequisites:

  • Node.js
  • npm Package Manager

First you need to have Node.js installed as Angular require current, active LTS or maintenance LTS version of Node.js

Download and Install Node.js version suitable for your machine’s operating system.

Npm Package Manager

Angular, Angular CLI and Angular applications are dependent on npm packages. By installing Node.js, you have automatically installed the npm Package manager which will be the base for installing angular in your system. To check the presence of npm client and Angular version check of npm client, run this command:

  1. npm -v

Installing Angular CLI

  • Open Terminal/Command Prompt
  • To install Angular CLI, run the below command:
  1. npm install -g @angular/cli

installing angular CLI

· After executing the command, Angular CLI will get installed within some time. You can check it using the following command

  1. ng --version

Workspace Creation

Now as your Angular CLI is installed, you need to create a workspace to work upon your application. Methods for it are:

  • Using CLI
  • Using Visual Studio Code
1. Using CLI

To create a workspace:

  • Navigate to the desired directory where you want to create your workspace using cd command in the Terminal/Command prompt
  • Then in the directory write this command on your terminal and provide the name of the app which you want to create. In my case I have mentioned DataFlair:
  1. Ng new YourAppName

create angular workspace

  • After running this command, it will prompt you to select from various options about the CSS and other functionalities.

angular CSS options

  • To leave everything to default, simply press the Enter or the Return key.

angular setup

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Liz Fernandes


Best Angular JS Development Company

When Google began in 2012, AngularJS was used to make beautiful web and mobile apps. A new JavaScript framework is liked by developers because it is flexible, scalable, and easy to learn. Angular is already being called the most important front-end web design technology.

Also, hiring an AngularJS development company will help you more because they will be able to guide you through the whole project based on their years of experience. Front-end web developers have used AngularJS for a wide range of projects, from simple SPAs to huge, dynamic online apps.

WPWeb Infotech is a leading AngularJS developer in India. During development and testing, their Angular.Js developers use MVC. You'll get scalable AngularJS web app development services with amazing features that can serve many business verticals. Their Angular minds use smart techniques and cutting-edge technology to create creative client products.

As the top Angular Development Company in India, they help businesses use the AngularJS framework to make web apps that are secure, scalable, high-performing, interactive, MVC-capable, and dynamic.

Partner with one of India’s best Angularjs Development Company and get the most expertise in Angular development.

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Hire Top Angular Developers | Hire Angularjs Developer India

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