A mobile Vue plugin for Scroller


A mobile Vue plugin for scroller

This plugin is just only adapted for mobile. Please use the rem layout

Please go to the release to see version logs.

Why making this plugin

  • There are so many vue plugins on github,but i haven’t found a suitable mini vue plugin for scroller.The best scroller plugin i have seen is the ‘better-scroller’,however it’s not for vue especially.I decide to make a mini vue scroller plugin for my own company programs also for people who wanna use scroller simply.

What you can do with the plugin

  • You can use it to make a scroller container includes pulling-refresh,infinite-loading and horizonal scroller also supporting nesting different direction scroller.

horizonalMode verticalMode


How to use

  • NPM install the v-scroller plugin
yarn add v-scroller   or   npm install v-scroller --save

1.vue spa

  • import the plugin and use
import scroller from 'v-scroller'
import 'v-scroller/dist/v-scroller.css'

2.script html

  • directly write the script,in deed you have to insert the vue.js script firstly
<link rel="stylesheet" href="node_modules/v-scroller/dist/v-scroller.css"></link >
<script src="node_modules/v-scroller/dist/v-scroller.js"></script>
  • use the component scroller directly in your vue spa file or the Vue instance
<scroller />

DEMO Codes

	<!--verticalMode and infinite and refresh-->
		<div slot="nomore" class="nomore">there is nomore data~</div>
			<li :class="{active:index%2==0}" v-for="(item,index) of num" :key="item">number {{item}} item</li>

	<!--nesting scroller with horizonalMode and verticalMode-->
		<div class="_testBox" v-for="item of 20">
				<div class="boxRoom">
					<div :class="{active:index%2==0}" class="box" v-for="(item,index) of num" :key="item">{{item}}</div>		
		<div slot="nomore" class="nomore">there is nomore data~</div>
	<!--goTop using the scrollTo() function-->
	<div class="record" @click="goTop">
export default{
		for(let i=0;i<5;i++){
			console.log('refreshing finished')
			let b = this.num[0];
			for(let i = b;i>=b-5;i--){
			done() // you should call the done to close the loading
			console.log('infinite loading finished')
				let b = this.num[this.num.length-1];
				for(let i = b+1;i<=b+5;i++){
				done() // you should call the done to close the loading
			let {x:left,y:top} = this.$refs.scroll.getPosition();
			this.left = left;
			this.top = top;

It’s suggested that write a single function for ajax in methods and then use the ajax function at the lifeCircle of created,you can continue to use it at the plugin emiting event – upLoad.Like this:

		//when the component created ,use the ajax function firstly
			const data = `telephone=${this.$store.state.BookOrderInfo.telephone}&start=${this.start}&limit=${this.limit}`
					if(res.data.code == '0000'){
						//if nomore data from the back-end ,use the plugin function closeLoad()
							this.History = res.data.data;
			this.limit+=this.limit;//this is the length of data while you request the back-end



prop name description required default
snapping [Boolean]enable snapping mode no false
smooth [Boolean]enable smooth scrolling no true
isDownFresh [Boolean]enable pull down to refresh no false
isUpLoad [Boolean]enable infinite loading no false
horizonalMode [Boolean]enable horizonal scroller mode no false

Notice:while switching horizonalMode,only upLoad is abled to work,it shows that scroll-right infinite loading also the emit event name is the same to upLoad.

emit events

  • downFresh(done) when you pull down your container at the top border,write your logic in it usually write the ajax.Make sure the isDownFresh prop is true.done should be called while you finish the ajax .
  • upLoad(done) when you scroll your container at the bottom border,write your logic in it usually write the ajax.Make sure the isUpLoad prop is true.done should be called while you finish the ajax. However if horizonalMode enabled, there isn’t done available!
  • beforeScroll before you scroll just mean you touch the container.
  • scroll when you’re scrolling the container.
  • afterScroll after you scroll just mean you raise your finger from the container.

plugin methods

Notice:You have to add ref to the component scroller and then use this.$refs to get following methods.

  • closeLoad (Function) no param,forbid infinite loading animation,usually use when your ajax finished.
  • refreshLoad(Function) no param,refresh infinite loading .
  • getPosition (Function) no param,get current position of scroller content.
  • scrollTo (Function(Number,Boolean)) scroll to a position in scroller content,two params,the first param required Number,the second param isn’t required ,it means whether open or close the scrolling animation.


slot name description default suggest
downfresh animation during pull-down refresh svg add className spinner
downfreshText text during pull-down refresh 下拉刷新
upload animation during infinite loading svg add className spinner
nomore text while foridden infinite loading 没有更多内容了 add className nomore

Download Details:

Author: alanchenchen

GitHub: https://github.com/alanchenchen/v-scroller

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A mobile Vue plugin for Scroller
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This framework was created by Evan You and still it is maintained by his private team members. Vue is of course an open-source framework which is based on MVVM concept (Model-view view-Model) and used extensively in building sublime user-interfaces and also considered a prime choice for developing single-page heavy applications.

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Build Vue Mobile Toolkit for Financial Scenarios


A Vue mobile UI toolkit, based on Vue.js 2, designed for financial scenarios


You can scan the following QR code to access the examples:

QR code

Install & Usage

Template for new project

Vue CLI 2

New project can be initialized and integrated with mand-mobile by vue-cli-2 with mand-mobile-template.

vue init mand-mobile/mand-mobile-template my-project

Vue CLI 3

New project can be initialized and integrated with mand-mobile by vue-cli with vue-cli-plugin-mand.

vue create my-project
cd my-project
npm install --save-dev vue-cli-plugin-mand
vue invoke mand


npm install mand-mobile --save


import { Button } from 'mand-mobile'
  • Manually import
import Button from 'mand-mobile/lib/button'
  • Totally import
import Vue from 'vue'
import mandMobile from 'mand-mobile'
import 'mand-mobile/lib/mand-mobile.css'



Select the components you need to build your webapp. Find more details in Quick Start.


git clone git@github.com:didi/mand-mobile.git
cd mand-mobile
npm install
npm run dev

Open your browser and visit Find more details in Development Guide.


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Vue CLI plugin development.

Problem statement

To create a CLI command, which can create a boilerplate for me(like how vue create does). But for my use case, I want to add some predefined packages, scripts, husky. To enforce some rules (best practices), So everyone in my organization will be on the same page.
And also, to allow the developer to select some inhouse npm packages so that based on the selection, those packages will be installed, and even some code will be injected into the files dynamically.

Why I am writing this article

To achieve the above problem statement, I researched a lot and came to know about vue-CLI-plugin-development, which has excellent documentation but a lack of good examples. So I thought of writing one article which can help you to solve some of the things when you are building a CLI plugin. Let us start.

#vuejs #vue #vue-cli #vue-plugin