The Do’s and Don'ts of Setting up a Data Analytics Platform in the Cloud

The Do’s and Don'ts of Setting up a Data Analytics Platform in the Cloud

The Do’s and Don'ts of Setting up a Data Analytics Platform in the Cloud. Get Started with the Cloud for Better Insights. DO View CDWs and Data Lakes as Combined Data Stores. DON'T Skip Data Transformation. DON'T Migrate All of Your Data at Once. DO Think Long-Term When Buying Software. DON'T Forget Your Security Requirements.

It’s hard to believe that enterprises are still struggling to make use of the vast amount of data within their organization but for most, accessing and analyzing data remains an elusive goal. The cloud and cloud data warehouses can help them centralize the information they need from across their organization to perform analytics, forecasting, predictive modeling, machine learning, and other advanced use cases that will get them the insights they need. The cloud is a scalable, high-performance platform that can help organizations achieve faster time to insights. But simply moving data into the cloud alone won’t actually make it actionable.

Get Started with the Cloud for Better Insights

It’s important to understand that where your data resides does not address how it is used. For example, 90% of data professionals say it is challenging to make data available in a format usable for analytics. When you choose a cloud data warehouse to store your data, you’ll need to migrate those data sources first. After that, you will need to figure out how to use that data for analytics and reporting to derive valuable insight from it.

To build a data analytics platform in the cloud, you need to first design and set up the data infrastructure and complementary cloud-based solutions to make it happen.

Here are a few general do’s and don’ts when building out a cloud data analytics platform.

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