Vue.js and Symfony Forms

Vue.js and Symfony Forms

Vue.js and Symfony Forms - How can I render forms in Vue.js and handle them in Symfony? While I can quit rendering the forms like Twig handles it. I’ve Symfony's forms started searching for some “form generators” packages for Vue.js.

Symfony provides us the symfony/form package which makes the handling of rendering and submitting forms easier than ever. Soon this will become even easier with the new “ Form handler helper”, but that’s not the point here.

What annoyed me when I first started working with Vue.js was the fact that I pretty much like the need to say “goodbye_” to the forms rendering directly in the Twig (_which is very handy).

I’ve started searching for some “_form generators_” packages for Vue.js. There are a few, but so far I didn’t like any of them. In the worst case, I could just render the form in some kind of API method like /get-form-view but this is so against the Vue.js workflow/concept.

So... I started to ask myself and think:

How can I render forms in _**_Vue.js** and handle them in Symfony? While I can quit rendering the forms like Twig handles it — I definitely want to keep the Form validations/handling provided by Symfony.

There are few problems that need to be solved here:

  • Handling of CSRF token,
  • Rebuilding the request_“_ it’s structure must be the same of that provided upon Symfony standard form submission.

CSRF Token


By default, each Form created with symfony/form packages have the CSRF Token validation turned on. Meaning further that each request provided to the form handler must contain the CSRF Token. There are few solutions here, I will go with the 2 that I found for my case.

The bad one (unless it’s just your private project) — disabling the CSR Token validation

Each form class (meaning that it extends from Symfony\Component\Form\AbstractType ) allows us to turn the CSRF validation off.



public function configureOptions(OptionsResolver $resolver) {


      'data_class' => null,

        "csrf_protection" =>false,


`````` } ```

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