Containerizing Your Spring Boot Application With Jib

Containerizing Your Spring Boot Application With Jib

The current Jib version is 2.6.0, and the application is based on Spring Boot 2.3.5 with a single controller for testing purposes only. Let's Containerizing Your Spring Boot Application With Jib

After quite some time using Spotify’s docker-maven-plugin (including after it entered in an inactive state of development), I started looking for some other plugins or tools with the same purpose, up-to-date and straightforward to use.

I found some that were pretty cool, such as the dockerfile-maven, that is nice and relies completely on Dockerfile, and that was ok. I found a couple of other projects too, but to be honest, none of them made me want to move from docker-maven-plugin until I’ve reached a blog post from GCP about Jib, promising to build images better and with Maven and Gradle plugin.

As the blog post depicted the common build flow with lots of arrows pointing here and there until the image is finally stored in the repository, Jib’s flow was a simple and straight arrow to the repository. I was like — No way that stuff is so simple!


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