Serverless COVID-19 Data Scraper with Python and AWS Lambda

Serverless COVID-19 Data Scraper with Python and AWS Lambda

Step-by-Step Tutorial: Scheduling your Python Script with AWS Lambda

In Data Science, getting the complete data source is one of the most important things. In several projects, data sources are dynamically changing, updating fast. For the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of cases changing all the time. Most available open COVID-19 sources are available only in daily intervals; however, the data in higher resolution seems to be important to find relations to other parameters such as air quality, environmental conditions, etc. Gathering data yourself by scraping them from the update real-time source is one of a solution to get data you desire for. Some articles had already shown examples of how to do this easily in Python. However, scheduling such a Python project needs a server machine that running all the time. For a small project, it may not worth renting/hosting a server yourself for this purpose.

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