How to Scan Your Docker Images in Your Local Machine

How to Scan Your Docker Images in Your Local Machine

Learn how you can leverage the use of Snyk inside your Docker engine installation. In this tutorial, you'll see How to Scan Your Docker Images in Your Local Machine

Security is the most relevant topic in modern architecture. It needs to be handled from all different perspectives. Having a single team auditing the platforms and the developments that we built is not enough.

The introduction of DevSecOps as the new normal, including the security teams and policies being part of the development process to avoid security becoming a blocker of innovation and make sure that the artifacts we deploy are secured, have made this clear.

Docker image scanning is one of the most important topics we can cover regarding the container images to know that all the internal components that are part of the image are safe from vulnerabilities. We usually rely on some systems to do so.

I wrote an article regarding the usage of one of the most relevant options (Harbor) from the open source world to do this job.

And this is also being done by different Docker repositories from cloud providers like Amazon ECR as of this year. But why do we need to wait until we push the images to an external Docker registry? Why can’t we do it in our local environment?

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