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christian bale


Zoom Clone, Zoom Clone Script, Build Best App Like Zoom

A video conferencing app is a revolutionary virtual cloud-based solution that lets users to host virtual meetings and audio/video conferencing. It is easy to launch the Zoom like app in the wink using the Zoom clone script. This blog will give you insightful information about the Zoom clone app development process.

**Zoom clone app development with the essential features to incorporate

At the onset of the coronavirus, people mostly heard social distancing, lockdown, mask, work from home and so on. To prevent virus transmission, they are forced to stay indoors. Shopping malls, theatres, and educational institutions (colleges and schools) were closed. Despite this, employees are working from home. Yes, it is quite challenging for them.

With adapting to the new normalcy, employees have preferred the video conferencing app for conducting and attending online meetings. This is one of the major reasons for the sudden growth of video conferencing app like Zoom.

Seeing this demand for video call apps, entrepreneurs find this an opportunity to launch their app, similar to Zoom. Because, Zoom is the most downloaded app in the United States from March to April 2020.

After relaxing the restrictions at the end of 2020, the coronavirus spread is considerably increasing recently. Therefore, the demand for video conferencing surges.

The pandemic is not the only reason for the growth of the video conferencing app. Many companies and employees prefer this app as it saves time and money that has to be invested in setting up meeting rooms.

**Essential features to consider for Zoom like app development

Feature-set integration is an important point to consider for Zoom like app development. Because, the app features determine the app’s functionality.

Integrating new and innovative features will make your app stand out from the other video conferencing apps. Moreover, this does not necessarily mean that you should compromise any of the basic features.

The essential features that should be incorporated into your video conferencing app are as follows.


Using this feature, the users can connect with other users. While attending the meeting, they can chat with all the participants in the meeting or chat individually, depending on their choice.

**Virtual hand-raising

It is the most useful feature. Participants can speak at any time in the meeting using this feature. When one participant is presenting her/his topic in the meeting, it is not good to see the other participants interrupting. This prevents multiple participants from speaking at the same time.

**Screen sharing

This feature will let the participant in the meeting share the screen with other members.

**Mute participants

The background might be noisy for some participants. So, the host has the option to mute any participants during the meeting as per his/her desire.

**Scheduled meetings

Using this feature, the host can schedule their meetings with their participants. Also, the participant who initiates has the option to set reminders for the scheduled meetings.

**Video sharing

The Video Sharing feature will allow the participants to share the videos from YouTube in the session. This will make the session interactive. Notably, participants do not have to download the YouTube video for watching. Instead, the video conferencing app will display the video.


The app should not let unauthorized users join the meeting. Therefore, your app should be embedded with end-to-end encryption. By doing this, no one can join the meeting without the permission of the host.

**Zoom clone app development - How much does it cost?

When it comes to the Zoom like app development cost, it mainly depends on your app features and functionality.

There is a rough estimation that the app cost is less when you plan to incorporate the basic features. You have to invest a particular amount of money in including the advanced and new features.

Other important features that determine the price are the geographical location, app platform, and time frame.

**Final note

Hoping so, this article helps you in knowing the feature-set to integrate into a video conferencing app like Zoom. However, there is no doubt that the requirement for video conferencing apps is high.

As Zoom being the most popular app, incorporate the same features in your app and include additional features that Zoom has failed to work. Approach Uber Like App for Zoom like app development.

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christian bale

christian bale


Zoom Clone, Zoom Clone Script, Build Best App Like Zoom

People’s lives have taken a massive deviation from the routine lifestyle and almost come to a standstill with the prevailing pandemic condition. As always, technology found its way to help everybody in compliance with the government’s emergency safety orders. With the comfort of working at home, people kept the world at its usual pace. This pandemic proved that we took a complete horseback ride on the technology. No distance was too far to fetch, as the notion to prevail was set in place with the technology.

Video conferencing app like Zoom connected the severed line as means of instant and comfortable communication. Forced to work at home, the Zoom app usage has become a routine in the post-pandemic era. Schools and universities have also made use of the app for their daily classes. The Zoom app also connected many stranded people to their expectant families via high-quality video calling.

Since Zoom video calling has given a sturdy answer to the entire world, its market is building and growing wider for every Zoom clone script that comes into the market. The world has welcomed almost every new digital invention given the situation now. This surmounting market growth invites creative people with innovative ideas to make bold and different digital race statements.

**What Is A Zoom App?

It is an on-the-go high-quality video calling application for conferences. This video calling application can host meetings for office goers and host rooms for schools and universities. Filled with the latest and thoughtful features like raise hands, mute audio, record meeting, etc, it has created a dominant usage of this video calling application now.

et’s Take A Look At The Diverse Video Streams Offered With Our Zoom Like App

**Air Meeting
Zoom meetings connected via HD video calls can be used for corporate meetings, online classes, and to chat with friends and family. There are useful features included in this form of video calling: calendars, event alerts, and scheduling.

**Video Webinar
Accompanied with the most useful features like raise a hand, public polls, and typing for a QA inside the call, this video webinar can accommodate up to 150 participants. Expandable up to 10,000 participants for just viewing, it offers much more than any traditional video meeting platform. This is one of the preferable streams for people who host shows and webinars. With expected updates, the webinar hosts can monetize their webinar services with Paypal and Zapier. It is deemed to be the most effective platform for broadcasting and events.

**Conference Rooms
Built solely for corporate meetings, this stream is the most popular among all. Its corporate-oriented features offer a lot of help for the host and also for the participants attending it. To represent the physical corporate meetings in every way possible and with the added touch of modern and digital updates, some innovative features can be used in the sessions, i.e., such as sharing videos, sharing files, and remote access participants’ whiteboards. There are few dedicated action buttons for quick switches when in meetings.

**Encrypted Calling
It works just like the other call platforms but is rebuilt and improvised with new features. Group calls and regular calls are now possible with our zenith bandwidth servers. Calls can be switched to video calling seamlessly. Background noise drowning is done effortlessly with our latest tech.

**Chat Station
With new integrated features apart from texting users can set reminders via chats, share event updates, schedule report sharing, invite to secret groups, archive chats, etc. The texting is given a new touch of feature for comfortable typing.

**Our Feature-rich Zoom Clone App Can Fit Into Any Business
**Corporates and IT’s
Clustered with tight office schedules and staying connected with their families, our video conferencing app like zoom can help them effortlessly. Be it work from home, conduct meetings, team calls, month-end analysis, or any labored work, companies can utilize a video calling app to make corporate life easy.

**Finance Sectors
Handling the most sensitive data for work, employees have to sweat around to make sure processes are intact throughout their work. Our zoom clone app development ensures a time-conserving smooth operation to manage all the schedules either from the office or at home.

**Healthcare Center
Modern medicine needs modern guidance today. Doctors and supporting health practitioners can use this app to provide patients with immediate assistance towards any concern to their health. People who can’t access the nearest hospitals can use our video app to consult a doctor.

**Educational Institutions
Since schools and universities are shut given the lockdowns globally, this is the sensible and easiest way to resume their classes. With many advanced features built into the app, students and teachers can share information and support it with study materials by sharing/downloading.

This being the license for all bases of operations in the country, the functioning has to be non-stop and unwithered. Faced with so many challenges at work and home, employees and administrative executives are constantly trying to finish work on time. To help them relieve some workload and connect work to them digitally, our Zoom clone script is built to ensure unsevered workability.

**Impressive Features Built For Uninterrupted And Effortless Connectivity With Our Zoom Like App
**Uninterrupted Connection
From video calling across many device platforms, the user can connect instantly and securely. Offering seamless connectivity and high definition video calling with premium options.

**Virtual Conferences
With the power to act instantly, businesses can set meetings virtually and effortlessly at any time of the day. With no registration required, users can join the forum with just the meeting link.

**Schedule A Meeting
The host can set up a meeting in advance and share the link to the participants. Participants can also invite others to join the meeting with the host’s permission.

**Vote With Polls
When a decision is to be made, a poll option can be set up for the participants to vote on the requested topics, and the results can be viewed at the end of the virtual conference.

**Automated Meeting IDs
The users are given meeting IDs automatically generated by the zoom clone app just so the user does not clash into another meeting.

**Stream Live
The meetings can be shared to other social media platforms with our stream live option.
This makes the content more accessible across all major platforms.
Background Blur

To ensure a professional yet neat video setup, the user can opt for our background blur feature. It gives the user a nice experience of the app.

**Digital Hand Raise
To grab the host’s attention or the teacher, the user can hit this action button on the screen to engage in a conversation. Others on the call will be shown a notification, too, so that person alone can speak.

**Record Call And Meeting
The user can record the video for any future references or help the person who missed out on attending the meeting, and the recorded videos can be shared.

**Cast Youtube Videos
Casting youtube videos to add an impressive depth and liveliness in the meeting is a compelling feature. It encourages an enjoyable and thoughtful meeting atmosphere.

**To Sum Up
As the world is trying to connect back to its old ways of life, it’s crucial to meet that objective with the digital run. Connectivity has been the key to every business’s growth, and how fast we transfer information and solutions gives a business edge against rivals. Virtual connections with Zoom calling are admired as the modern-day workplace which enable workability effortlessly. Armed with clone apps, we help you load your innovative ideas to pull the trigger and shoot in the direction of rapid growth.

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How Do I Develop A Cloud Meeting App Like Zoom?

While businesses suffered during the Covid-19 pandemic, Zoom’s video conferencing platform witnessed a massive spike in usage and it became a household name throughout the world.

It offers different solutions like video chatting, audio chatting, cloud storage, cloud calling, and hassle-free organizing of webinars and meetings. Zoom also offers customized solutions for industries like education, healthcare, fitness, and government agencies. The growth of Zoom has been spectacular having earned $622.7 million in revenue in 2020 and a whopping market capitalization of $91.98 billion.

Entrepreneurs aiming to develop a state-of-the-art video conferencing app like zoom have to possess good knowledge of the current industry trends, formulate a solid business strategy, and be ready to incur a huge investment and time.

The multi-pronged procedure to implement for creating an app like Zoom is

  • Understanding the business goals - to achieve over a period and the operational scope.
  • Conducting in-depth market research - to know the tactics followed by competitors who are also in the video conferencing industry.
  • Finalizing the USP of the app like Zoom - to distinguish it from the other rivals in the market.
  • Preparing a comprehensive list of features and functionalities - to include in the Videoconferencing app like Zoom.
  • Assembling the required tech stack - like JavaScript, Kotlin, Flutter, WebRTC, CSS, ReactJS, AngularJS, Node.js, and Vue.js.
  • Hiring proficient and qualified team members - like project managers, mobile app developers, marketing experts, finance managers, QA testers, technical support executives, UI/UX designers, front-end and back-end developers, and software developers.
  • Setting up the friendly UI/UX design - which contains comfortable tools and widgets.
  • Developing a robust backend - that takes care of database management and ensures a high level of efficiency in the operational server.
  • Adding the basic features - like screen-sharing of content, video call, Zoom meetings, Zoom webinars, Zoom Phone, transcribing, recording, whiteboard, filters, a mute option, and private messaging.
  • Including advanced features - such as end-to-end data encryption, blurring of the background, generation of analytical reports, closed captioning, conducting of public polls, and organizing Q&A sessions.
  • Rigorously testing the app - in terms of performance and speed to remove technical bugs, operational glitches, and other vulnerabilities.
  • Launching an app like Zoom officially in the market - to grab the attention of a global audience.
  • Offering additional services - like technical support, maintenance, and the provision of software updates.

Final Thoughts

A Video conferencing app like zoom will help the entrepreneur to capture a strong position in the market attracting millions of individuals and businesses who will use it daily. It ensures a consistent inflow of revenue leading to a greater return on investment.

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christian bale

christian bale


Best video conferencing software in 2021

Video conferencing is a virtual communication between one or more users. In 2019, the net value of the video-conferencing market was $5.32 billion and expected to reach $10.92 billion by 2027 with an average growth rate of 9.7%.

Moreover, the integration of advanced technologies like the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and cloud-based virtual reality with this video communication solution is expected to drive the growth of this industry in the future.

**A huge surge of video conferencing apps due to Covid-19 **

Notably, many corporate events get cancelled due to the outbreak of the Covid-19. As a result, they focus on an alternative solution. A video conferencing app like Zoom has gained a positive response among the corporate companies in this situation. In 2020, Zoom had an additional 2.22 million new users.

Amid the pandemic, 92% of B2B marketers use the video conferencing solution. Despite these, enforcement agencies and governments are also focusing on carrying out their operations using this solution. Say, for instance, the Supreme court of India has issued a notice to the regional courts to conduct their operations via the video conferencing solution.

In this current scenario, most enterprises have adopted the Work from Home culture to prevent virus transmission. Well, the best video-conferencing solution makes the process simple and easy. Let’s see the top 5 best video-conferencing software of 2021 in this blog.

Zoom Meetings

It is an affordable video conferencing software that is compatible with desktop and mobile devices. It provides a wide range of features, including HD video and audio. It can accommodate 1000 participants at once. Users have the option to save the meetings locally or to the cloud. Moreover, meetings can be escalated into one-on-one calls.


GoToMeeting offers screen sharing, audio, and video conferencing. Mobile-friendliness makes this app apart from the other video conferencing apps. Also, there is a setting to maximize the quality of Call and image. A maximum limit of participants is 150 and accommodates up to a maximum of 3000 participants when using the enterprise plan.

RingCentral Video

It offers the full range of industry-standard features, including video call scheduling and recording, screen sharing, and annotation, and in-built chat functionalities. The best feature of this app is its integration with Slack, Google Workspace, and Microsoft 365. Overall, it provides a high-quality video-conferencing service that benefits many businesses.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams enables the users to schedule video or audio meetings with individuals or team. It can accommodate up to 1000 participants for conducting webinars and large meetings. With this, internal members of the organization can schedule the meetings and share among themselves. And, the external guests can join the meeting from their web browsers. It is of no necessity for them to download the app.

Google Meet

It is formerly known as Google Hangouts Meet and G Suite. As an improved version of it, Google Meet aims to make it easy and simple to work with external clients. It is specifically designed for business needs and can accommodate a large user base at once.

Our Zoom clone app offers the following special features

Now, you have known the top 5 popular video conferencing apps from this blog. If you intend to develop an app like Zoom, join hands with us for Zoom like app development. Our clone app offers essential features and special features. A few of the special features are as follows.

End-to-end encryption - This assures a high level of encryption of shared data of all formats.

Note-taking – When attending the meeting, users can take notes with this built-in tool.

Report generation – Once the session gets completed, the app will generate a detailed report of the completed meeting. This data is helpful in improving the efficiency of future meetings.

Virtual backgrounds – When the users attend the meetings or webinars, they can change the background as their wish.

Flag for attention - While the meeting is going on, the users or participants can use this feature to get attention from the host who initiated the meeting.


I hope this blog will give insightful information. It is very clear that there is a massive demand for video-conferencing apps in the present situation. Moreover, there is a good scope in this industry in the future too. Therefore, setting foot into this industry with the Zoom clone app is a wise choice.

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How To Create A Video Chat App Like Zoom?

The previous year has put the world into unforeseen circumstances where the entire earth population was obligated to stay indoors while the social gathering places like work and educational organisations and other entertainment centres were closed. This held the daily routine of people and this impacted the nation’s economy. So an alternative has been looked at that supports working at remote locations and staying far from other people. So they bought their job and studies to the online platforms.

To ensure work is running smoothly and to have meetings with the officials, the office employees opted for video conferencing. But it had its disadvantages as it does not support more than 10 people. Zoom is a video conferencing app that supports more than 1000 users in a single call. This has been used in many places such as office conference meetings, online class for students, virtual inauguration ceremony, graduation ceremony etc. it can also be used for non-official purposes like connecting with friends and family etc.

Turnkeytown develops a zoom clone that offers reliable connection and video quality during video conferencing with as many members as possible. There are many steps involved in developing an app. Let us look at them in detail.

Steps to develop an app like zoom

Step1: Choose the platform. There are 3 types of platforms available. They are:

  • Native App
  • Hybrid App
  • Web App

Also, there are two types of versions as android and iOS versions. An android version doesn’t work on an iOS version and vice versa. One can choose anyone out of them to develop their app.

Step 2: Define the features. One has to decide on the number of features that are to be included in the app. The following are the essential features in apps like zoom.

  • Pre-call video preview
  • Chat
  • File-sharing
  • Multi-party conference
  • Desktop sharing
  • Recording
  • Filters or icons
  • Whiteboard
  • Live to stream
  • Virtual hand-raising
  • Polls
  • Mute participants

Step 3: Development process. The development of a zoom clone involves two sectors. They are:

  • Back End Development
  • Front End Development

The back end development involves the integration of features, buttons and other necessities required by the app for a smooth performance.

The front end is the UI/UX design which enhances the look of the app.

Summing Up

Video conferencing apps like zoom are still on-demand as it serves many essential functionalities that creates a better relationship between their organisations. Also, the world is uncertain about the time it will resume back to normal life so people will be relying on these apps for a while.

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