JavaScript Rich Text Editors in 2021

JavaScript Rich Text Editors in 2021

JavaScript Rich Text Editors in 2021 - Rich content editors are everywhere  -  from comment sections to document editors. JavaScript frameworks and libraries, created with the sole purpose of building rich web-based editing experiences.

Rich text editors, also known as WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors are everywhere — comment sections, forums, online text editors. Whenever you want to go beyond plain <input> or <textarea> and enable visible, interactive formatting in your editor, you have to go the contenteditable route and build a proper rich editor.

Thankfully, with the plethora of JavaScript frameworks and libraries, created with the sole purpose of building rich web-based editing experiences, you’ll never again have to deal with the evil that is contenteditable.

In this blog post, I’d like to present you with my top picks for the best JS rich text editor frameworks for 2021.

What we’re looking for?

So, this whole list is based on in-depth research I’ve done while working on my first product —  CodeWrite, a blogging tool for developers.

CodeWrite was created to provide the best technical blogging and cross-posting experience possible. It has a form of a browser extension + PWA hybrid providing an auto-filling system for popular blogging platforms and a dedicated rich content editor.

With that said, CodeWrite is the product that determined my framework requirements. So, what are they?

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